Sexy underwear purchase and single recruitment

Sexy underwear purchase and single recruitment

I first know sexy underwear

Interest underwear refers to all kinds of underwear that can enhance interest and sexy.They can be sports underwear, bra and panties, pajamas and small clothes for sex or pools.Since the 1960s, with the rise of sexual liberation, sexy underwear has gradually become popular, and it has become one of the most common shopping consumer products for women.

Sexy underwear purchases and single tasks

In the sexy underwear market, different brands and manufacturers have their own unique styles and styles.And sexy underwear suppliers and wholesalers will purchase in batches and sell these hand -made underwear to various sales channels, such as sexual products stores, adult shops and shopping platforms.However, in order to cope with market demand, control costs, and increase sales, each wholesaler needs to find a staff member who specializes in the purchase of affectionate underwear and order.

Interesting underwear procurement and single job responsibilities

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Interesting underwear procurement and single staff are responsible for selecting clothing samples, fabrics, and other raw materials; regularly review the supplier, negotiate with the supplier to negotiate prices or settle in multiple currencies; monitor the procurement process and be responsible for the entire process from procurement to delivery.Follow the changes in sexy underwear inventory.

Critical skill

For those who want to purchase and work in the case of affection, you need to have the following key skills:

Familiar with the common terms and brands of the sexy underwear industry

In -depth understanding of the situation at home and abroad


Familiar with the procurement process and supply chain management

Good communication and negotiation ability

Proficient in office software (such as Excel)

Work requirements

From the following requirements, the purchase of affectionate underwear procurement and ordering requires the following requirements:

Strictly abide by the company’s rules and regulations

Familiar with various colors, sizes, and even the system configuration and naming rules of the fabric

Improve purchases, follow a single document on time

Ensure that all purchased sexy underwear meets the company’s quality standards four for sales

Follow up the procurement process to ensure that all procurement orders are put into the warehouse normally

Common challenge

The challenges of sexy underwear procurement and work with single work come from multiple aspects, such as:

Tightening supply chain and diverse sexy underwear options

Demand and positioning decision -making of different markets

Master the requirements and needs of the company and customers

Negotiations and communication with local and international suppliers

Timely deal with various emergencies and problems

Salary and benefits

According to the requirements and positions of different companies, the scope of salary scope of procurement and single personnel is very different. Usually, the salary level of primary positions is 6,000-8,000 yuan/month, while experienced professionals have higher income.

In addition, most companies also provide benefits such as medical insurance, catering and entertainment benefits, two -off and legal holidays.

Professional development prospects

As the market demand of sexy underwear continues to increase, sexy underwear purchases and work will also get more attention and opportunities.In this area, you can continue to improve your experience and skills through training, learning and practical practice, and continue to be promoted to higher positions.


Interesting underwear procurement and ordering requires a number of skills and occupational literacy to solve problems such as supply chain problems, market demand, quality control, and sales strategies.If you have related skills and experience and want to develop in this industry, then this profession is a good choice.