Sexy underwear rust

Sexy underwear rust

Sexy underwear rust

Interest underwear is a charming and sexy underwear. Because it is designed with unique design and diverse materials, it is loved by consumers.However, some people do not know how to maintain and use them after buying sexy underwear, causing underwear to rust.This article will introduce the reasons for the rust of sexy underwear and how to prevent and handle the underwear rust.


Unsuitable cleaning: Because sexy underwear is a special underwear, the method of cleaning is not the same as other underwear. Some people do not know how to clean it. They may use powerful detergents to clean, causing the underwear to rust.

Excessive humidity: Interesting underwear needs to be stored in a dry place. Some people are rusty due to the humidity of the stored place.

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The material is too weak: some sexy underwear is easy to rust due to the thin design and poor quality of the material.


Correct cleaning: Use a special sexy underwear cleaning agent to clean it. Do not use too powerful detergents to avoid damage to underwear.

Storage note: Interesting underwear storage needs to avoid humidity, you can store it in a dry and ventilated place for storage; you can also allocate special space during storage. Do not mix with other clothing.

Material selection: Choose more durable materials when purchasing. For some sexy underwear with weak materials, you can choose to buy the lining of rust -proof materials to reduce risk risk.

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Mild rust: For slight rust, you can use warm water and neutral cleaner for cleaning, and then dry it.

Severe rust: If the sexy underwear has been severely rust and can no longer be worn, you can avoid secondary rust after cleaning or choose to give up, buy new sexy underwear.



Avoid exposure to sunlight and other bright lights, which will make the material of the sexy underwear deteriorate and rust.

Do not soak for too long. If the soaking time is too long, it will damage the underwear material, causing deterioration and rust.

After using full -fitness underwear, you should immediately clean the underwear and avoid being stored as other ordinary clothing.

in conclusion

Interesting underwear rust is a common problem facing consumers after purchasing. Sometimes it is difficult to return to the original state for rusty sexy underwear and need to be purchased secondary.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, they should be maintained to avoid the problem of rusting underwear.