Sexy underwear show thong

Sexy underwear show thong

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Interest underwear is a clothing that can increase sex and sexy, while thong pants are one of the most representative and controversial styles.Different from other underwear, thongs have higher challenges and pressure, so women wearing it need more courage and confidence.

Different types of thong pants, unique style

In the sexy underwear market, the style of thong is very rich and diverse.According to different factors such as materials, styles, design and functions, thongs can be divided into various types.The following are the most popular type of thong pants:

Silk thong pants, sexy and comfortable coexistence

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One reason for women to wear thongs is its sexy.In all thongs, silk thongs can be said to be a representative of sexy and comfortable coexistence.The thongs of the silk material are smooth and breathable, and the women wearing it feel cool and comfortable, very comfortable.

Leather thong, add a sense of rebellion

Leather thong is the most rebellious and advanced thong style.Because its material is leather, wearers can feel a unique and heavy texture, and because its design is relatively simple, it seems a bit cold and proud.

Lace thong, soft and pure

Lace thong is a kind of underwear worn by women who want to show their sexy women. It is generally made of lace material with soft texture and good breathability. It has a unique soft, pure, and elegant feeling.Because of the tedious and complicated lace fabric, lace thongs also endure endless sexy underwear.

Split -pants, easy to wear, sexy and boundless

The split -thong pants are a very convenient sexy underwear. She is close to her body design and adopting a split way, which can easily solve the common problems.And split -thong pants have a unique sexy charm, and the wearers are sexy and boundless.

Slightly damp thong, sexy temptation is self -evident

Micro -transparent thong is a sexy representative, which is generally made of transparent stockings material.When wearing, there is no obstacle between the underwear and the body visually. The whole person looks like naked. It can also show the feminine body curve, exuding sexy and tempting.


Different body types need different sizes of thong pants

For women who want to try thong, you need to pay attention to your actual situation when choosing a size of sexy underwear.Because there are fewer materials for thong, it is easier to expose physical defects than ordinary underwear, so it is important to choose a size that suits you.

How to choose the size of the thong that suits you

First of all, you must understand the size of your waist and hips, and then you can choose the corresponding size when you buy underwear.And do not forget to consider that there may be certain differences in the size of each brand when choosing a brand, and you need to compare it.

The correct way to wear thong

In addition to choosing a size suitable for you, the correct way of dressing is also very important.When you wear it, let go of the strap first, then put your feet in the underwear, and then pull the waist part, and finally adjust the right state of the strap.

Tips for maintenance of thongs

Like all erotic underwear, the maintenance of thong is also essential.It is recommended to use a special underwear bag to effectively avoid friction and wear.Use a neutral laundry solution during hand washing, do not use a washing machine.

The point of thong -become the sexiest self

Before the end, what we want to say is that thongs are a kind of sexy underwear. Behind it represents women more, they need courage and confidence, personality and maturity.When choosing and wearing thongs, don’t just pay attention to its sexy, but also make it a symbol of confidence and independence, the most sexy and confident yourself.