Sexy underwear SM small tail

Sexy underwear SM small tail

What is SM small tail?

SM small tail is a sexy underwear, which is usually used in SM sex or role -playing games.It is a whip with a tail, which is usually made of fake hair or fur.The SM small tail can be a sexy decoration or as a punishment or reward.

SM small tail type

There are many types of SM small tails, and it is important to choose a suitable for you.Some popular SM small tail types include:

Cat Tail: The tail made of pink or black fake fur, which is often used in the role of cat women

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Fox Tail: The tail made of gray or brown fake skin is often used in the role of fox female role

Rabbit Tail: The tail made of white or pink fake fur is often used in the role of a maid role

Horstail: Long and thin tails are usually used in the role of horse girls

SM small tail material

The material of the SM small tail is also sampled, and different materials will bring different experiences.Some common SM small tail materials include:

Fake fur: Fake fur is one of the most common SM small tail materials, soft, comfortable, and sexy.

Leather: Leather is a very durable material that can provide a stronger feeling.

Metal: The metal tail texture is cold, bringing a different experience to SM enthusiasts.

How to use SM small tail

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Use SM small tails require some skills and precautions.Here are some suggestions:

Before using the SM tail, make sure that you and your partner can accept this SM sex and be ready.

Before using the SM small tail, check its quality.If you find problems, such as breaks, twisting, etc., stop using it.

The use of the SM small tail needs to be slowed down, and gradually increases its strength under the soft pumping.

In order to ensure the safety of use, please do not use the SM tail for key parts, such as eyes, ears, nose, etc.

The benefits of SM small tail

There are some benefits to using the SM tail.

Enhanced sex experience: SM small tail can provide fresh irritation and enhance sexual experience.

Deepen the relationship between partner: In SM sex, you need to trust each other and support each other, which will deepen the relationship between partners.

Relieve stress: SM sex can release physical and psychological stress and relieve fatigue.

The risk of SM small tail

There is also a certain risk of using the SM small tail, so it needs to be used with caution.

Skin stimulation: Some people’s skin is allergic to SM small tail material, which may cause symptoms such as redness and swelling and itching.

Muscle strain: If it is not used properly, the SM small tail may cause muscle strain or other injuries.

Psychological risk: If you use the SM small tail without the consent of the two parties or in the case of emotional instability or excessive fatigue, it may have a negative spiritual impact.

How to perform SM small tail role -playing

If you want to play the role of the SM small tail, some suggestions below:

Choose the right clothing: choose suitable clothing, such as cats and women’s clothing, maid costumes, etc. to enhance the realm and atmosphere of role -playing.

Determine the plot of the role -playing: determine the plot to ensure the smoothness of the role and increase the sense of reality of the role.

Communication: The role -playing requires sufficient communication. The two sides should negotiate the behavior and get the consent of both parties.

SM small tail tip

The following are some small tips used in SM small tails:

Choose a SM small tail that suits you and your partner.

Make sure you and your partner understand the usage and risks before using the SM small tail.

Select the appropriate method and sensitivity according to the preferences of individuals and partners.

Clean SM small tail to ensure hygiene.

in conclusion

The SM small tail is a popular sexy underwear, which can bring fresh stimulation to sex.However, its use needs to be cautious, and it requires full communication and consent of both parties.Choose a suitable SM tail and use method, as well as cleaning and maintenance to ensure safety and hygiene.Please keep rational and use it with caution.