Sexy underwear stimulates flower core

Sexy underwear stimulates flower core

Stimulation of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a tool that allows people to diverse and more interesting in sex. There are many types of erotic underwear, but the most widely known and most common types are those sexy underwear that can stimulate the nucleus.These erotic underwear stimulate the nucleus in different ways, thereby bringing a richer sex experience to women.Here are some common sexy underwear types and their way of stimulating flower nuclei.

Breast -enhancement Shell

The biggest feature of this sexy underwear is that the cup is covered with various raised patterns. The three -dimensional effects of these patterns will be stimulated in women’s nipples and their surrounding areas, so that women can experience the touch of the areola, which is sufficient.Challenge the sensitivity of the flower nucleus.

Sexy underwear suit

Plus Lace Chemise With G-String – Curvy – 16460

Sexy underwear suits are a suit containing a variety of different types of underwear, which will contain some panties or milk stickers that stimulate the nucleus.These underwear or milk stickers are usually attached to key parts with physical stimulators, such as small vibers, which can directly stimulate the nucleus or make women enter a state of excitement faster.

Lace sexy underwear

Lace erotic underwear usually uses soft and comfortable texture, and adds some lace or lace to the key parts, so that women can feel the soft and comfortable texture when touching or wearing.nuclear.In addition, its transparency can increase emotions and sexy.

Silicone chest sticker

Silicone chest stickers are a kind of sexy underwear used to stick to women’s nipples. It is usually translucent or fully transparent, which is especially suitable for some "unexpected" surprises in the process of dressing.Silicone chest stickers can not only make women more unrestrained, free and sexy, but also stimulate the flower nucleus and nipples, making women more likely to enter a orgasm state.

Sexuality socks

Interesting conjoined socks are a very sexy sexy lingerie. This product is usually composed of two parts of stockings and conjoined clothes. Each part is stimulated by various ways to stimulate the flower core and nipples.In this temptation of sexy underwear, women can usually experience a completely different sex experience, which has great excitement and stimulus.

Interesting G Dot underwear

Interest G -dot underwear is a sexy underwear that focuses on stimulating women’s G points.It is usually a pink or flesh -colored underwear. Among them, it has special material particles and small balls. The layout is very scientific and can directly stimulate the most sensitive body area of women and quickly awaken the sexual organs.At the same time, the fabric it uses uses comfortable, highly elastic fabrics to ensure that women do not feel uncomfortable when they wear.

Fetish Wear

Erotic bra

The characteristic of the sex bra is to increase the curve of the female chest, making the chest more plump.Many sex bras also add elements that stimulate the nucleus, such as particles, raised beans, petals, etc.This sexy underwear is a perfect sexual evolution, which can not only take care of the feeling of women’s breasts, but also stimulate the nucleus and sexual nerves, and awaken women’s sexual desire.

Limp up convex panties

This kind of erotic underwear appears on the waist position of the underwear. Using this product can make people feel the continuous stimulation of the nucleus head, and it can easily achieve the situation of climax and maximize sexual pleasure.

Sexual belly

The design of the sexual bellyband is very chic. Through the sexy design, it can evoke the sexual fantasies of the partner, and while stimulating the nucleus, it will also let women unconsciously turn their bodies and enjoy sex.

Interesting collective dance

Submitting a sexy underwear from group sex.In this kind of sexy underwear and clothes, putting it on it is equivalent to opening the door to exploring the new experience world.Collective dances can not only satisfy the experience of many people and passion, but also allow women to enjoy the fun and excitement in collective sex.


The above are several types of stimulating flower nucleus about the sexy underwear. Each part has different design and creativity, which can bring to women a different degree of sex experience.Interesting underwear stimulates the flower core, not only to quickly achieve the effect of orgasm, but also a tool for exploring self and body, which allows people to face and enjoy sex.For everyone in the process of sex, choosing a sexy underwear that suits them can make sexual life better and fulfilling.