Sexy underwear wears more times

Sexy underwear wears more times

1 Introduction

Interest underwear has always been an important prop by women to increase charm and confidence.However, wearing sexy underwear for a long time will cause some problems.This article comes to explore what impacts of sexy underwear wearing more times.

2. Impact 1: Deformation

More sexual underwear wears more times to deform it, that is, the original fixed form and lines of underwear will change.This is because after wearing for a long time, the elasticity of the fabric will gradually decrease.

3. Impact 2: relaxation

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Lepatoscopy is one of the problems that often appear in sex underwear with too many times.According to experience, after wearing the same underwear for more than 10 times, its elasticity and support will begin to decline.This also leads to the relaxation of underwear, forming fat and squeezing, which will cause their body to be unsightly.

4. Impact three: Broken

For women who love erotic underwear and want to wear many times, they may need to consider the problem of damage.As the materials are getting thinner and thinner, some erotic lingerie fabrics are easy to wear or even tear.This requires us to pay special attention when wearing and washing underwear.

5. Impact 4: Unhygienic

Interest underwear directly contacts our skin and must be cleaned frequently.Wearing the same underwear more than 10 times, the problem of disinfection and cleaning must be considered.Without cleaning, the proliferation speed of bacteria and harmful microorganisms will become faster, which increases the risk of contact with skin infection.

6. Impact 5: Not suitable

It is also a problem to wear a sexy underwear that is not suitable for you.Underwear needs to be selected according to specific factors such as height, weight, and proportion.Even if you buy different sizes of the same style of underwear, it may be suitable for some people, but for some other people, it may have problems.

7. Impact 6: chest sagging

After many wearing and washing, the support of the underwear on the chest will also decrease.Therefore, long -term wearing the same style of sexy underwear will make your chest droop down, lose elasticity, and no longer attractive.


8. Impact 7: Do not breathe

Those who are overweight who admire the good -looking underwear may also face an impact: limit the normal breathing of the body.Some sexy underwear can be uncomfortable with the skin, while others contain chemicals that may cause allergies and poor breathing.

9. Impact 8: Excessive self -consciousness

Although sexy underwear can increase self -confidence, the favorability and self -satisfaction in the opposite sex, but if you rely on sexy underwear too much, there may be pathological paranoia.In addition, wearing a seemingly suitable sexy underwear, but it is actually not conducive to your health and other health aspects.

10. Conclusion

If you wear more times, it will indeed affect the health of sexy underwear and body, which requires us to pay more attention to the maintenance and use of sexy underwear.At the same time, we must also learn how to choose a sexy underwear that suits us, and stop using and consulting professionals when skin discomfort or abnormal conditions such as allergies.Only in this way can we wear both internal and external, shaping the sexy underwear with a charming figure and sexy image.