Silicone doll special sexy underwear

Silicone doll special sexy underwear

Silicone doll and sexy underwear

Silicone doll is a simulated human model that is regarded as a substitute in sexual life in modern society.Although silicone dolls have become popular, their appearance and use require special skills.Therefore, the use of sexy underwear is particularly important.

Why do we need a special sexy underwear for silicone dolls?

First of all, the appearance of silicone dolls is different from real people. The lower part is often not wearing underwear, which may make users feel a little weird.Secondly, the body of the silicone doll is very plastic, which is softer than the real person, which will cause some pressure and deformation to underwear.Therefore, we need a sexy underwear for silicone dolls.

Silicone doll special sexy underwear type

Crotchless Sheer Panythose – Black – 7305

Silicone dolls are mainly divided into 4 categories: tops, underwear, coats and pajamas.

Silicone doll special sexy underwear style

Silicone dolls have a variety of sexy underwear styles. You can choose sweet and cute, or sexy hot ones. You can also try some special leather or plastic materials.The style can be selected according to the needs and preferences of the user.

Size of Silicone Doll Special Insteads

The size of the Silicone Doll -specific erotic underwear is different than the average sexy underwear size, and special design is needed.Because the body shape of the silicone doll is different, different sexy underwear with different sizes may cause the underwear to be too tight or overly loose.When buying, you must choose the appropriate size according to the size of the silicone doll.

Silicone dolls special sexy underwear materials and texture

The material and texture of silicone dolls are specially selected because ordinary materials may cause some damage to the silicone doll.Commonly used materials are soft silk and sexy lace.In addition, some elastic materials are more suitable for silicone dolls.

Silicone doll special sexy underwear style

Silicone doll -specific sexy underwear needs to be selected according to different needs.If you need to increase sexual experience, you can choose some styles with ring -shaped and impact sticks to improve the stimulus effect.At the same time, you can also choose some simple styles to make the shape of the silicone doll more beautiful.

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Silicone doll special sexy underwear cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance of silicone dolls for sexy underwear is very important for the service life, and it should be kept dry.The best way is to wash it with water or phosphorus without phosphorus.Do not rub or wash hard during the cleaning process to avoid destroying sexy underwear.

Where to buy silicone dolls special sexy underwear

You can buy a Silicone Doll for Silicone Dolls for adults, online shopping malls, or sexy underwear stores, but in the selection, you need to consider more. Choose a brand guarantee and reliable quality underwear.

For some precautions for silicone dolls for sexy underwear

When using silicone dolls for sexy underwear, you should pay attention to some matters: sexy underwear should not be used tightly with silicone dolls. After use, it should be washed in time. It is best to choose hand washing instead of machine washing.In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to problems when using a silicone doll on toys to avoid damage to it.


Therefore, the use of silicone dolls for sexy underwear is an important part of silicone dolls.When buying, be sure to choose suitable brands and sizes to pay attention to maintenance and cleaning.This can not only maintain the beauty and life of the silicone doll, but also allow users to have a better sexual experience.