Small breasts have chest pads and sexy underwear

Small breasts have chest pads and sexy underwear

The trouble of girls with small breasts

When wearing clothes, girls always feel that they are not confident and not beautiful enough.So they hope that there are some ways to make their chest look fuller and more stylish.The chest pads in sex underwear are a good choice.

What is a chest pad?

The chest pad is a small cushion placed in the underwear cup.It can make the cup look fuller and make the chest look fuller.In sexy underwear, using chest pads can make women look more sexy and charming.

Different materials of chest pads

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There is a big difference between the appearance of the chest pad and the internal filling material.Common materials include foam, brilliant, silicone, etc. The chest pads of different materials have different characteristics and use methods, and you need to choose according to your own needs.

How to choose the right chest pad?

When choosing a chest pad, you must first understand your chest shape.If it is flat or drooping, you can choose a tightening chest pad.If it is an irregular chest, you can choose a more flexible material.

Secondly, the actual requirements need to be considered.If you wear ordinary clothes, you can choose a slightly thicker and more plump chest pad.If you are wearing a sexy underwear, you can choose a thin chest pad to better display the body curve of women.

How to use chest pads?

When wearing a sexy underwear, put the chest pads in the underwear cup and adjust the position.It should be noted that the position of the chest pad needs to be adjusted according to its own chest shape to achieve a more natural effect.

Maintenance method of chest pads

After using the chest pad, you need to clean and maintain it in time.Generally speaking, water and neutrophils can be used for cleaning, but electrical appliances can be used for cleaning.In addition, it is necessary to avoid damage caused by folding and friction.

Suitable for chest pads with erotic underwear

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When mating with sexy underwear, it is recommended to choose a thin and light chest pad to better display the figure.At the same time, it is recommended to choose unique and decorative sexy underwear to achieve a more sexy and charming effect.

Suitable for chest pads with ordinary clothes

When pairing with ordinary clothes, it is recommended to choose a slightly thicker chest pad to better set off the shape of the chest.You can choose a simple and uniform underwear to match.

Suggestion of the use of chest pads

Although the use of chest pads can make the chest look fuller and sexy, it is recommended not to rely too much, especially in daily life.Proper selection of comfortable underwear and proper exercise can make your chest healthier and beautiful.


The chest pad is a commonly used jewelry in sexy underwear, which can make women’s figure more beautiful and charming.In the process of choosing and using chest pads, you need to pay attention to your chest shape, sexy underwear style and your own needs in order to achieve the ideal effect.