Someone wore a fun underwear and me

Someone wore a fun underwear and me

Someone wore a fun underwear and me

Sex underwear is a special underwear with sexy, teasing, passion and mystery.In an open society, wearing erotic underwear has become a fashion.However, I have always had a doubt: Is it really more sexy, attractive and better than other women wearing sexy underwear and my woman?Below I will explain it in detail for everyone, some people wear sexy underwear and me.

Sexy underwear does not determine the sexy level of a woman

Wearing a sexy underwear does not mean that a woman is more sexy than other women.The degree of sexy is not related to wearing sexy underwear. In fact, the sexy level of a woman is related to body, temperament, personality, etc.If she is a quiet, gentle, and understandable girl, then she is the same beauty in sexy underwear.On the contrary, if she is pretty and feels very good, even if she wears the sexiest sexy underwear, it is difficult to show charm and beauty in the eyes of people.

Sexy underwear does not define a woman’s taste

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Women wearing sexy underwear do not necessarily have a higher taste than other women.Some women show a vulgar feeling when wearing sexy underwear, which does not mean that they are sexy, temperament or decent.Therefore, sexy underwear is not used to define a person’s taste and identity.

Interest underwear does not explain the sexual experience of a woman

Women wearing sexy underwear do not necessarily have higher sexual experience than other women.A woman can only have a meager income, but proudly put on expensive sexy underwear.Conversely, a woman with a generous income chose not to wear sex underwear.Some women’s choices of sexy underwear may also be just out of their personal life. They should not easily lin the sexual experience of a woman with her sexy underwear.

Sex on the right does not necessarily require the participation of sexy underwear

Although sexy underwear can make people feel the charm of sex more fully, the sexual sex is also very attractive.There is no need to wear sexy underwear, and there is no need to play challenging sex games in bed. The normal sex between a pair of lovers can also meet the needs of each other.

Wearing a sexy underwear can not encourage the other half to pay more

If you want your partner to care more about yourself, try to wear sexy underwear may help.However, it is not possible to ask the other half to pay more, or to prove that their cost -effectiveness is higher, which will put pressure on the feelings of both parties.The purpose of sexy underwear is to enhance the emotional connection between the two parties, not to ask the partner to make more efforts by wearing sexy underwear.

Need to abide by social morality and personal dignity

In the case of sexual culture gradually open, wearing sexy underwear can well express personal character and personal concept.However, this does not mean that individuals do not need to comply with social morality requirements.When treating sexual issues, we should abide by social ethics, respect personal dignity, do not conduct illegal discipline, and ensure the emotional connection between the two parties.


Emotional connection is always the most important

No matter what the sexy lingerie is and how to feel it, in the final analysis, it is important to be emotional connections between each other, not what kind of underwear is wearing.The key is to never express it deliberately, don’t deliberately solicit the attention of others.A pair of lovers must understand each other, tolerate each other, and cultivate emotional connections.

in conclusion

Wearing a sexy underwear, like ordinary underwear, is just a lingerie.It does not mean how sexy and interesting a person is, because these are more subjective feelings.The most important thing is that whether we wear sexy underwear or ordinary underwear, in terms of sex, we should respect each other, and clearly clarify our bottom line, so that sex can be carried out in a more suitable and secure case.