South Korea Park Ni Fun Underwear KW7142

South Korea Park Ni Fun Underwear KW7142

Introduction to Kw7142, Park Ni Fun underwear in South Korea

South Korea’s Ponny brand was founded in 2001 and is a professional sexy underwear brand.Park Ni’s design and quality have always attracted much attention, and their latest style KW7142 has been widely recognized in the market.This sexy underwear is sexy, with exquisite appearance and unique appearance. With excellent materials and clever design, it is loved by consumers.

Design Features

KW7142 uses a slim design, emphasizing the lines and curves of the body.In addition, the fabrics used in the underwear are good quality silk and lace, soft and comfortable.The underwear and panties are uniform, and a hidden zipper is equipped in front, which makes it very convenient to take off and put it on.

Material characteristics

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The silk and lace used are one of the best materials. The soft and comfortable design is very satisfactory whether it is touch or visual effect.And these two materials are very breathable. Even when wearing at high temperature, there will be no sense of discomfort, which greatly improves the comfort of wearing.


Due to the relationship between materials and design, this sexy underwear is very suitable for wearing in some romantic and sexy situations.For example, on the Qixi Festival, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day, wearing KW7142 to express his love.In addition, this underwear can also be used in bed to increase the harmony between couples.

Style selection

KW7142 has two basic color options: red and black.Black is a classic sexy color, while red is full of enthusiastic colors.Consumers can choose the right style according to their needs and preferences.In addition, the size of this sexy underwear is available from S code to XL code, suitable for women with various figures.

Maintenance advice

Because high -quality fabrics are used, the washing needs to be more cautious than ordinary clothes.It is recommended to wash it by hand. The water temperature does not exceed 30 ° C. Do not use a bleach; do not twist or rub it hard to avoid damage.At the same time, pay attention to the cool and dry, and do not expose it to the sun to prevent reducing its quality and life.


The price of KW7142 in the domestic market is relatively high, and the general price is above 1,000 yuan.Therefore, before buying, you need to make more comparison and understanding, and choose regular merchants to avoid buying inferior counterfeit products.


brand history

In the 20 years after the establishment of the Park Ni brand, the design and quality have always been competitive with design and quality, and have been recognized and loved by consumers.The brand is also very active in overseas sales markets, such as the United States, Japan, South Korea and China.In addition, Park Ni also cooperated with many well -known brands to launch joint styles, such as Kamiseta, Binki, MCM, etc.

Consumption evaluation

From the perspective of Volkswagen’s consumption evaluation, the quality and cost -effectiveness of KW7142 are quite good.Many consumers praise the comfort and design of this sexy underwear.Although the price is higher than the ordinary underwear, the quality and design of this underwear are very guaranteed. It is recommended that those consumers who pursue quality and high -end experience.


KW7142 is a very good sexy underwear. It is exquisitely designed and unique, comfortable and breathable, and is very suitable for romantic and sexy occasions.Although the price is relatively high, it is still worth buying in comprehensive consideration.For some consumers who like to try high -end experience, KW7142 should be a good choice.