Stealing the sexy underwear of the next door

Stealing the sexy underwear of the next door

Stealing the sexy underwear of the next door


You are a single man who rented in an old house.Recently, you find that you live in a beautiful woman next door, and you can smell some strange fragrance every day.You are curious, so you start to pay attention to her schedule, the voice of her speech, and the garbage she thrown out.One night, you get a crazy idea to steal the sexy underwear of the next door!

Component inspection

Before practical operations, you need to prepare the necessary equipment.For example, headlights, gloves, and disposable masks need to accurately determine whether anyone is at home.Remember that you can’t leave any items or traces.

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Door -to -door

The most troublesome thing to steal Dongxi is the problem of opening the door.Under normal circumstances, the door of the woman next door is locked, so how can we enter smoothly?You can use some unlocking tools, such as universal keys or prying sticks.However, it is reminded that these actions have strict legal and provisions.

Search for sexy underwear

After entering the room, you need to quickly find the place where she hides her sexy underwear based on personal intuition.This may require you to face various unknown obstacles, such as accumulated debris, old clothes at the bottom of the box, and may need to climb up the curved roof beam.

How to judge quality

When you find her hiding sexy underwear, how can I recognize high -quality sexy underwear?The most important thing is to look at the material, and you also need to pay attention to details such as size, shape, color and other details.We must abandon those underwear with poor quality.

How to keep secretive

After stealing the fun underwear, you have to leave the room of the woman next door as soon as possible, and then discard the broken packaging bags or gloves and masks.If a neighbor or a housekeeper discovered you, it is best to say a convincing explanation to avoid exposure to any risks.

Repentance after being discovered

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If you accidentally discovered, whether the other party is a neighbor, a housekeeper, or a police officer, you need to treat it calmly.Keep as polite as much as possible and explain it euphemistically; but if things inevitably worsen, you may face legal punishment.

Moral standards

It seems that the behavior of stealing sex underwear is not moral.No matter who the other party is, you use this behavior to harass, threatened, or even crime.You need to reflect on your own behavior, and you must not try it easily.

Another angle

Of course, you can also exchange for each other’s trust or your own erotic underwear through her interaction.This can not only satisfy your curiosity, but also build normal interpersonal relationships. After all, the harmony between neighbors is the key, right?

in conclusion

In general, stealing the sexy underwear of the woman next door may bring stimuli, but this behavior not only has a negative impact on your social evaluation, but also makes you be forced to withstand unnecessary legal risks.It is recommended that you abandon this immoral behavior and not disrupt the harmony of the community.