Talk about you wearing sexy underwear

Why wearing sexy sheets

As a fashionable part of modern people, sexy underwear has many uses.Many people wear fun underwear not only to increase sexuality and interest, but also to show their own personality and fashion taste.And some people are to meet their sexual desire needs.

Suitable occasion

There are many occasions on sexy underwear, such as: candlelight dinner, Valentine’s Day, wedding, party, nightclub and other occasions.In addition, when wearing sexy underwear, it can also include at home or enjoying sex at home or in bed.

Choose a style that suits you

Everyone has a different body and preference, so when choosing a sexy underwear, you must consider your own shape and personal preference.For example, if you are a woman with a large chest, you can choose a enhanced version of underwear. If you are small in the chest, you can choose a lace -decorated underwear to highlight the curve of the chest.

Color matching is proper

It is also very important to match the color.For example, red color sexy underwear is a very hot choice and has a conspicuous and sexy effect, but if your skin is darker or too yellow, it is not suitable for wearing this color underwear.Light or colorful sexy underwear can show the gentle and romantic side of girls.

Experience quality is also important

The quality of some sexy underwear is not necessarily very good, and it will feel uncomfortable when wearing it.Some sexy underwear will have the corners of the body or cause sweating.Therefore, choosing good quality, breathable, healthy and safe underwear is the best choice.

Match other clothing

In addition to sexy underwear, it is also important to match other clothing.When choosing a sexy underwear, consider the up/down dress it matches. For example, a low -cut underwear can be paired with a camisole skirt instead of trousers, which can highlight the curve of the body.

Falling underwear maintenance

Maintenance of underwear also needs to pay attention to allowing them to maintain a long -lasting service life.It is recommended to wash it with warm water. The washing process should be gentle, and do not twist or rub the underwear.When drying, do not directly expose the sun in the sun. It should be dry naturally.

Choose the right size

It is more important to choose the right size.Try to avoid wearing underwear that is not fitted, which will not only destroy the visual effect, but also make you feel uncomfortable.It is recommended to measure the bust, waist and hips before shopping to ensure that the underwear size purchased is correct.

Budget must also be considered

The price of sexy underwear is different from the brand and fabrics. The price of some brands of sex lingerie is very high, and the underwear that can also meet different needs can be bought at lower prices in other brands.Therefore, you should consider your budget when buying, do not follow the trend blindly.

Don’t be too exposed to pursue

Finally, we must emphasize that wearing sexy underwear is not to pursue excessive exposure and attract the attention of others.Interesting underwear is to meet the needs of yourself and partners, as well as expressing your fashion taste and sexy.Therefore, you should pay attention to your personal feelings and respect when choosing and wearing.


Wearing a sexy lingerie can not only bring pleasure, but also improve self -confidence, make people more appreciate their bodies, but also stimulate the love and sex of the partner.I believe everyone can find a sexy underwear that suits them, making it a representative of their own image in bed and fashion.

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