Taobao sex lingerie category 1 regulations 3

Taobao sex lingerie category 1 regulations 3

Taobao sex lingerie category 1 regulations 3

Taobao, as one of the largest domestic e -commerce platforms in China, naturally has a lot of sexy underwear merchants in its stores.Over time, Taobao’s control of sexy underwear is becoming more and more stringent. Interesting lingerie category 1 stipulates 3 is part of it.So what exactly is sex underwear 1 specification 3?Let’s analyze them one by one.

Regulations 1: Pay attention to consumer experience

Interest underwear is a relatively special category of goods, so Taobao’s control over such products is stricter than other products.Before entering Taobao, sexy underwear shops need to do a good job of quality monitoring of the product to ensure factors such as the safety and comfort of the product.In addition, the store needs to ensure that the goods in the store meet the needs of consumers, so as to be practical, beautiful, and comfortable.

Regulations 2: Comply with policies and regulations

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As an e -commerce platform, Taobao needs to bear wider social responsibility.Therefore, sexy underwear shops must comply with various policies and regulations of the country and localities, such as the "Advertising Law", "Consumer Rights Protection Law", "Product Quality Law" and so on.Any stores that violate regulations will be punished and the store must bear legal responsibility by themselves.

Regulations 3: Guarantee user privacy

Interests of sexual life are related to sex, so selling and online payment on Taobao involves personal privacy.Therefore, sexy underwear shops need to protect personal privacy data of users, such as buying history, financial transaction records, etc., and must not be leaked or sold to third parties.In addition, the store also needs to ensure the privacy and freedom of customers, and it must not have any form of discrimination due to factors such as gender and marriage.

Various channels, proper choices

As an e -commerce platform, Taobao is just a channel for sex underwear.The store should master the comprehensive sales channels within a certain period of time, combine the product attribute characteristics, select the appropriate network and channel marketing methods, and the re -inventory summary from the overall planning and implementation, data monitoringEssence

Sarer grasping the trend of consumption

Sex underwear is a diversified and fast market.The store should always pay attention to customer needs, be keen grasping consumption trends, and constantly update the products in the store.At the same time, the store needs to excel, through various investigations and feedback, continuously improve the quality of sexy underwear to ensure the satisfaction of users.

Differentiated competition, unique

There are a lot of sexy underwear shops on Taobao, which requires each store to find their own differentiation advantages during the operation.For example, you can innovatively develop and promote new products, or work hard in marketing strategies, and so on.Differentiated can make sexy underwear shops unique, thereby attracting more consumers.

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Comfort is the key

In order to meet the special needs of some consumers, comfort is the key.Consumers buy sexy underwear mainly to improve sexual life. Therefore, the store needs to do a good job of the parameter review, design, and material selection of related products to ensure that the product has the characteristics of sensitive response, durable cleaning, soft and breathable, and comfortable dressing.

Pay attention to customer retention rate

Opening a store on Taobao requires a lot of traffic, but traffic is not the same as sales.Therefore, sexy underwear shops should pay attention to retain customers, increase customer retention, and obtain more long -term sales.During the operation, you can increase the loyalty of customers by continuously enhance the customer experience and after -sales service.

Pay attention to communicating with users

Communication with users is an important task for sex underwear shops.The store needs to understand the needs of consumers, understand their evaluation and suggestions for sexy underwear, and continuously improve their products and services.In addition, good communication can also allow consumers to better understand the advantages of the sexy underwear and after -sales service of the store, and improve the trust of customers.


As a special commodity category, sexy underwear, and the Taobao platform’s control of it is more stringent.Therefore, operating sexy underwear stores requires the principles of "focusing on consumer experience, compliance with policies and regulations, and guaranteeing user privacy", pay attention to product quality and customer service, and continuously improve the store’s own business strategy.Only in this way can we stand out in the fierce e -commerce competition and win the trust and love of consumers.