Taobao sex underwear flow out

Taobao sex underwear flow out

With the development of society, people’s demand for sexual and sexual life is getting higher and higher, and products such as "taboos" that have been regarded as "taboo" in the past are gradually accepted and popular.However, the outflow of Taobao sex underwear has affected people’s trust in this type of commodity to a certain extent.Let’s take a closer look at the background and reasons for the flowing out of Taobao’s sexy underwear, as well as how to avoid this problem.

Taobao sex lingerie flow out of the background

The outflow of Taobao sex underwear did not happen a day -as early as 2017, Taobao was exposed to sell pseudo -products and sexy underwear.In fact, most of the sexy underwear sold on Taobao is sold by manufacturers or brand self -operated stores, but in some cases, some ignorant merchants or privately sell sexy lingerie directly, which may affect the experience of shoppers and personal data.Protection and other issues.

The cause of Taobao sex underwear flowing out

1. Lack of effective regulatory system

The number of merchants selling sexy underwear on the Taobao platform is very huge, but due to insufficient supervision, some merchants have a chance to sell counterfeit and low -quality products, which has greatly lost the reputation of sexy underwear.

2. Consumer self -protection is not high

The outflow of Taobao sex underwear is also affected by the low sense of self -protection of consumers.Many consumers do not pay attention to hygiene and privacy when using these items, which can easily cause sexually transmitted transmission, and even cause illegal behaviors such as peeping and extortion.

3. The motivation for buying sexy underwear

Some consumers’ motivation for buying sexy underwear is too simple, but they just pursue sexual pleasure and ignore the quality, safety and confidentiality of sexy underwear.This makes it easy for some illegal merchants to obtain illegal returns.

How to avoid Taobao sex underwear flow problems

1. Choose regular merchants to buy

On Taobao, choosing a regular manufacturer or brand self -operated store to buy sexy underwear is an effective prevention measure.Although the price is slightly more expensive, don’t forget that this is the guarantee of physical safety and privacy.

2. Guarantee personal privacy

When buying sexy underwear, protecting personal privacy is an important task.You can buy some sexy underwear with privacy packaging, or choose a COD (goods -to -payment) method to avoid leakage of order information and receiving address.

3. Keep personal hygiene

Keeping personal hygiene when using sex underwear is an effective preventive measure.You can choose some erotic underwear made of easy -to -clean and easy -to -disinfect materials, such as rinse or hand -washing.

4. Self -protection awareness is high

When buying sexy underwear, you must have sufficient awareness of self -protection. Do not easily leak your personal information and privacy to unknown sellers for careful consumption.


Although the out -of -the -qi underwear flow of Taobao sexy underwear is very concerned, reasonable and effective self -protection and safety awareness are the key.Only on the premise of the improvement of the regulatory system can we better protect consumers’ rights and interests and avoid the occurrence of emotional accidents.

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