Taobao sex underwear number


Interest underwear is a product that increases sexual and irritating sex. In recent years, it has gradually become hot, and more and more people have begun to buy and use.Taobao is one of the many choices for buying sexy underwear, but some of its codes are very puzzling.In this article, we will explain the code of Taobao’s sexy lingerie and its detailed meaning to help you choose easily.

1. "G" code

The "G" code refers to G-Strings or G-THONGS. It is a lady’s underwear with very rare fabrics, with only one rope.This style of underwear is usually considered a sexy and challenging.

2. "T" code

The "T" code refers to T-BACK, a lady’s underwear, which is called a T-shaped underwear, and the back of the panties is a T-shaped line.This style of underwear is usually more sexy, suitable for wearing low waist pants or skirts.

3. "H" code

The "H" code refers to Harness, a women’s sexy underwear, usually composed of belts and different metal accessories, which is suitable for expressing handsome, handsome, bold and sexy.

4. "C" code

The "C" code refers to CORSET, a kind of waist jacket, which can tighten the waist and make the chest more upright.This underwear is usually considered very sexy.

5. "B" code

The "B" code refers to BRA, which is a bra, which can make women’s chest shape straight up.There are many bra styles, including shoulder straps, triangles, cross straps, full cups, half cups, and so on.

6. "P" code

The "P" code refers to panty, a lady’s underwear.It can come with some special functions, such as opening, remote control vibration, etc. to increase interest and change sex.

7. "S" code

The "S" code refers to Stockings, which is a kind of long stockings that can be worn on the leg, thighs or conjoined stockings.This sock is widely used in sexy underwear because it can increase the sexy and charm of women.

8. "M" code

The "M" code refers to Men, a man’s sexy underwear.These styles are usually made of bold materials or special designs, such as lace to increase the sexual attraction of men.

in conclusion

The code of Taobao sex underwear usually represents different categories and styles. We must understand their meaning to better choose the product that suits them.I hope this article can help you when you buy sexy underwear on Taobao.

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