The court’s binding of sexy underwear

h2: Introduction

In modern times, sexy underwear has become synonymous with fashion and sexy.But do you know the history of sexy underwear?During the Chinese court period, there was a special restraint sexy underwear, known as the "court restraint underwear".Today, we will introduce the history, design and use of this sexy underwear.

H2: History

The palace restraint underwear is a sexy underwear designed for women in ancient Chinese courts. The history can be traced back to the Ming Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty.In that era, women must not only show a noble identity, but also meet the norms of etiquette.Bonded underwear is designed to meet this need.

H2: Design

The palace restraints underwear is usually composed of half -bodies and belts.The half -body jacket is usually made of small fabrics, and the shape is tight to the body. There are multiple small buttons behind and on both sides.The belt is made of broadband. The entire waist is wrapped in the waist. The back and the back of the back and both sides have small loose bands, which can be adjusted as needed.

H2: Material

The raw materials that make palace restraint underwear are usually some very small fabrics, such as silk or cotton fabrics.This fabric is usually more expensive than other fabrics because it requires special skills to produce.Belt belt is usually made of broadband, fine soft fabrics or belts.

H2: Function

The main function of the court restraints underwear is to limit the scope of women’s activities.Its design can control women’s body and restrict action, playing a more beautiful role in women.In addition, restraint underwear can make women’s chests and hips more prominent, and more highlights the body curve.

H2: How to use

The use of palace restraint underwear may require some time and skills, because the method of making it is a bit complicated.First of all, women need to wear tights and hold small buttons behind and on both sides.Then, bypassed the belt through the waist and tightened with a small loose band.Finally, adjust it as needed to make the restraint underwear more comfortable and in line with the body.In the process of designing palace restraint underwear, be careful not to be too tight.

H2: User

The palace restraint underwear is mainly for the clothing designed by the court women and the concubine concubine.However, due to its unique aesthetic value and restraint effect, it is also widely used in the clothing of ordinary women.Similarly, its users have also popularized from the aristocratic class to the civilian class.

H2: belonging

Now, the palace restraint underwear has become a popular sexy underwear.Although this underwear was once designed and used for court women, it has now expanded to a wider range of users.As a sexy, fashionable and practical underwear, it has been widely recognized in modern society.

H2: Conclusion

In this sexy underwear, we see a story of a combination of history and modernity.Although the palace’s restraint of underwear has become an ancient tradition, its design and functions have been absorbed and extended by modern sexualism.If you want to try this underwear, it is the most important type and material that is suitable for your body.No matter which country or cultural background you comes from, you can find the style and design that suits you best from the palace.

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