The difference between uniform and sexy underwear

Introduction: The definition of uniforms and sexy underwear

Uniforms and erotic underwear are all clothing, but they have a natural difference.Uniforms refer to professional clothing, such as police, nurses, stewardess, etc., which are usually designed to facilitate understanding and distinguishing occupational identities; and sexy underwear is a sexual clothing. It emphasizes sexy and sexy.Gender, taste and stimulus.

Appearance differences: color, texture, style

There are obvious differences in appearance and sexy underwear.Uniforms are usually mainly black, white, gray, blue, green and other colors. The texture is usually simple and thick fabrics, and the style is mainly based on traditional iconic design.The dazzling colors such as red, golden, silver gray, etc. often use smooth, shiny and transparent materials in texture, and the style pays more attention to personalization and creativity.

Different functions: practical and temptation

The design goals of uniforms and sexy underwear are also different.The main purpose of uniforms is to provide basic protection and reliance on occupations to ensure the safety of occupational work; and sexy underwear is designed to increase the interests between husband and wife, enhance sexy, and irritating sex. It mainly plays a role in regulating emotion.

The audience is different: public places and private places

The audience of uniforms and sexy underwear is also different.Uniforms are usually used in public places, such as offices, hospitals, airlines, etc., suitable for anyone, and sexy underwear is used in private places, such as bedrooms, families, etc., but it is only applicable to adults, especially certain has certain some, especially certain has certain certainty.Adults of culture, economy, and social levels.

Dress occasion: form and privacy

Uniforms and sexy underwear are also obvious on the occasion of wearing.Uniforms are usually worn in formal occasions and public places, such as offices, conferences, and partys; and sexy underwear is usually dressed in private occasions and intimate moments, such as companionship, night, honeymoon, etc.The occasions and nature of the two are also obvious.

Price difference: Basic version and advanced version

The prices of uniforms and sexy underwear are also different.Because uniforms take practicality as the main purpose, the practicality is relatively high, so the price is relatively close to the people.Quota underwear focuses on fashion and sexy, design creativity, nature stimulation, and luxurious materials, so the price is relatively high, and higher requirements for consumers’ purchasing ability.

Authoritative certification: necessary signs and security guards

Uniforms and sexy underwear have different authoritative certification signs.Uniforms generally need to pass the certification and testing of relevant national departments, such as fire protection, safety, medical and other departments to ensure their quality and safety, and sexy underwear needs to obtain authoritative certifications such as the EU CE, UL, ISO, BS, SAA, etc. to ensure the guaranteeIt has no damage to the safety and health of the human body.

Purpose differences: comply with norms and induced ideas

The design purpose of uniforms and sexy underwear is also different.The purpose of uniform design is to meet the requirements of standardized, rationalization, convenience, and professionalism; and the purpose of sexy underwear design is to allow consumers to obtain more emotional, sexy, creative, attractive and stimulus, and pay more attention to personalization and fashion.Essence

Cultural differences: stability and openness

There are particularly obvious differences in cultural value in uniforms and sexy underwear.Uniforms are usually a relatively stable, serious and standardized cultural model. Its background and foundation are public maintenance; and sexy underwear is more open, free, and sexy, and has a certain background and historical development foundation.

Summary: the difference between sexy and professionalism

Through the above analysis, we can see that the difference between uniforms and sexy underwear does exist. This is determined by the differences in their functions, appearance, audience, and occasions. In general, uniforms focus on professionalism and professionalism.And sexy underwear focuses on sexy, interest and privacy.The two also have different values and functions in the social culture and consumer markets.

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