The feeling of tearing the sexy underwear

The feeling of tearing the sexy underwear

The feeling of sexy underwear gives people sexy, temptation, mystery and strange, and they are often used to increase interaction and excitement between couples.Sometimes you think: "The feeling of tearing the sexy underwear must be very exciting, but how do you really feel?" Below, I will reveal this secret from the perspective of tearing the sex underwear.

Material impact experience

There are many types of sexy underwear, such as silk, lace, mesh, and so on.Different materials feel different.The feeling of tearing lace sexy underwear is a bit like tearing roasted paper. The texture of lace is more fragile and easy to damage, but the damaged part will be soft and comfortable. The endless fun is endless.

The effect of tearing method on experience

The method of tearing the sexy underwear is also critical. You can slowly cut the sexy underwear little by little, or you can grab the edge and tear it out.Different methods will also bring different feelings.If you want to make the instantaneous stimulation of tearing underwear, you can choose a more unstable tear method to increase the huge pressure when the underwear is torn.

Psychological experience of tearing time

The psychological feeling brought by underwear is also a great fun.Sometimes you feel confused and don’t know how to start, but once you start tore, you will feel excited and excited.Moreover, at the moment you tear your underwear, you will find that you start to release your real yourself.

The emotional resonance after tearing

After the underwear is torn, it often resonates with emotion.Both sides of the tearing underwear will be very close and the relationship will become deeper.Because of the process of tearing sex underwear, you can feel the other person’s close horse, sense of accomplishment, and responsibility. These feels will be reflected in your emotions and behaviors.

The visual effect after tearing

The visual effect of tearing the sexy underwear is also very good.When your couple wears sexy sexy underwear, you will feel that they are charming and tempting.When you tear up your sexy underwear, the exposed beauty body will also bring you an unusual visual experience.At this moment, you will feel the best visual display of sexy women.

The hearing effect after tearing

When tearing the sexy underwear, the warm sound of tearing can also make people excited.If the torn process is tense, the sound will be more harsh and will make you more excited.On the contrary, if the torn process is relaxed and happy, the sound will be softer, which will make you feel more gentle and comfortable.

Torn smell experience

After the erotic underwear is torn, the melodious aroma will also be intoxicating.This can make people’s body more relaxed, thereby focusing on experiencing the feeling of tearing of sexy underwear.Similarly, if the material of the sexy underwear itself has aroma, then this experience will be stronger.

Different to being torn and active tearing effect

There are two ways to tear women in sexy underwear. One is passive. In this way, women often feel humiliation to a certain extent.The other way is active, which is usually reflected in dedicating sexy underwear to men, so that he can achieve joy. This method will make women feel the initiative.

The value of the gift after tearing

Many couples will make the fragments or cloth strips when they tear the sexy underwear into commemorative gifts. These fragments or cloth strips can be used to achieve the witness and testimony of the relationship between the two people’s bracelets, ornaments, keychains, etc.remember.You can also give it a gift to you as a gift. Such a gift is unique and particularly romantic.

Point of view

In short, at the moment when sexy underwear is torn, you will feel unprecedented excitement and excitement.Tearing of sexy underwear will allow you and your partner to have more in -depth emotional resonance and inject infinite enthusiasm into your emotional life.However, pay attention to keeping the underwear time, and do not filter prematurely to avoid affecting the service life.

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