The first case in China is given to the lingerie girl

The first domestic case for a strong sexy lingerie girl sympathy

Recently, a news spread in the erotic underwear circle. The first brand in China to design erotic underwear for female sympathy for female fellows was officially launched.This brand is called "L Plus", which was founded by two lesbian founders.Let’s take a look at its first product- "Aurora" sexy underwear.

Product appearance and design

The appearance of the "Aurora" sexy underwear is extremely shocking. It uses the tone of silver and black cross fabrics, adding bright blue fluorescence, which is very technological.This erotic underwear is aimed at the different body characteristics of female sympathy. It is divided into "Large" and "Plus", which is suitable for women with different breasts and waist and hips.Its design is very user -friendly, can freely adjust the tightness, so as to better fit the body curve and show the most perfect S -shaped curve.

Technical innovation and performance characteristics

This erotic underwear uses a new 3D printing technology. By scanning the curve of the female body, it prints underwear that is more in line with ergonomics, which can effectively reduce the sense of oppression brought by daily wear.In addition, it uses breathable and sweat -free materials, so that wearers not only feel comfortable, but also full of fashion and technology.

Applicable occasions and wear effects

This erotic underwear is suitable for various occasions. Whether it is family life or going out to date, it can show charm and sexy.Whether it is highlighting the chest lines or highlighting the hip -lifting curve, it can make the wearer full of confidence.

Brand concept and future plan

The founder of the "L PLUS" brand said that their products focus on "allowing each woman to feel their sexy charm and confidence", and the brand "does not encourage any discrimination, including gender discrimination and exclusion of any group."In the future, brands will launch more sexy underwear series for different body types and personal preferences, and actively carry out social public welfare activities.

Market response and user evaluation

The launch of the "L PLUS" brand has attracted a lot of attention. Netizens have said that "I look forward to the latest sexy underwear", "more friendly to women with different figures, really praise!" In addition, the brand announced that it will face users to usersTen "Aurora" sexy underwear was distributed for free. Many users couldn’t wait to get their trials and gave good evaluations.

Legal risk and challenge

Although sexual tendencies and sexual orientation have become more and more widely recognized under modern concepts, there are still certain legal risks and challenges in the field of sexy underwear, and the brand party needs to prepare legal risks and compliance.

Market competition and prospect challenges

The interesting underwear industry is fiercely competitive, and the brand needs to do a good job of marketing and brand promotion.At the same time, the customer group of the sexy underwear industry has gradually become younger, and the brand party needs to do a good job of top -level design and product innovation in order to maintain competitiveness in the future market competition.

Future outlook and market direction

The market prospects of the sex underwear industry are increasingly attracted by the industry and investors.In the future, sexy underwear products will pay more attention to the combination of science and technology and art. Through digital and virtual reality technology, the charm of clothing is better displayed.At the same time, sexy underwear products will gradually move towards personalization and customization to meet the needs of consumers’ diversification.


The launch of the "L PLUS" brand is far -reaching. It not only meets the needs of female sympathy for sexy underwear, but also reflects our concept of diversification and tolerance.The courage and innovation spirit of the founder of the brand deserves our learning and reference.We believe that in the future market competition, the "L Plus" brand will definitely have a broader prospect.

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