The first perspective of the men’s underwear after the macho

The first perspective of the men’s underwear after the macho


Interest underwear is a special high -end women’s underwear, which is usually used to add sexy, teasing and stimulating the sexual interests of both parties.As a sexy underwear expert, I am fortunate to have participated in the experience of various types of sexy underwear in many cases. This article will share the first perspective experience of the fierce men’s after -in -facing underwear.

What is the men’s underwear?

The men’s backfall is a sexy underwear that makes women more pleasant.This underwear has a built -in vibrator and remote control that can be used to control vibration.This brings stronger stimuli and fun to the post -entry position.

Feeling the feelings of sex underwear after putting on a macho

When I put on a macho for the first time, I felt very tight and comfortable.This collision -fitting design of underwear means that my pussy and hips are well supported and wrapped.At the same time, the position of the vibrator is very accurate to the sensitive area, and it feels very wonderful.

Controller can remotely control

The built -in controller of the sexy underwear can be remotely operated.This means that my partner can control the vibration strength and rhythm of underwear.This remote control brings new pleasure. Sometimes I don’t know where the next stimulus will come from, which makes me feel very excited.

The unique experience of entering the sexy underwear later

Compared with the traditional post -entry position, the experience of entering the sex underwear after wearing a macho is very unique. It makes the beautiful back experience more exciting and unforgettable.The role of the vibrator makes the post -entry position more exciting and pleasant, making me and my partner very happy.

Details that need attention

Although the experience of entering the sex underwear after wearing a macho is great, we still need to pay attention to some details.First of all, the cleaning and hygiene of underwear are very important.Before use, it should be cleaned thoroughly, and different underwear has different cleaning methods.Secondly, the battery of the vibrator is attenuated due to use and needs to be replaced in time to avoid affecting the vibration effect.

The advantages and disadvantages of the men’s underwear after entering the men’s underwear

The advantage of the men’s back into the sex underwear is that the post -entry position is more exciting and pleasant.At the same time, the design of the vibrator and remote control brings new pleasure and experience.However, the battery life of the vibrator is relatively short and requires certain maintenance and maintenance, which is a disadvantage of it.

The applicable crowd who enters the sexy underwear afterwards

The men’s after -to -sex underwear is most suitable for those who want to try new experiences and those who have confirmed that they like to enter the position.I believe that you and your partner will have a more pleasant sex experience.

How to choose a macho that is suitable for you and enter a messy underwear

It is very important to choose a sexy underwear after choosing a macho for you.You can choose different styles of underwear based on your body size, preferences and experience.At the same time, you can also consult a professionals or purchase guidelines and comments on the website to determine the best choice for you.


The men’s back in the sexy underwear provided a brand new post -position experience. The unique vibration design and remote operation brought a new sex experience, making the past imagination a reality.But we still need to pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of underwear to ensure its best experience.

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