The girlfriend is very interesting sheets

My girlfriend is fun underwear?Learn about!

If your girlfriend puts a small box in the bedside table, and some of which reminds you of the "colorful beads and lace" items, then congratulations, your girlfriend has put on sexy underwear.Sexual feelings have become part of modern culture, but for those who experience the first experience, these clothes and toys may be confusing.In this article, we will provide you with some basic knowledge about sexy underwear, hoping to provide you with some references.

Types of sex underwear

Although there are many types of sexy underwear, in general, they can be divided into the following four:


Conjoined body


custom made

Uniform underwear is usually elegant and very attractive.This underwear will imitate different types of female professional clothes, such as stewardess, police, etc.Concern underwear opens a more ambiguous and luxurious experience. These underwear look like swimsuits, but they are more sexy and vivid.(Of course, a conjoined underwear may also vaguely reveal some TATTOO and tattoos).

When it comes to sexy underwear with accessories, these underwear often with additional toys and props, which will make the experience more exciting.And the custom -made sexy underwear puts forward a very high requirement for the texture of the skin and the location of the cat -eye stone beads.There are even high requirements in designing.

Sexy color and style

There are many sexy lingerie to choose from, from pure white to heavy black or even bright red.Each color has its unique charm.However, for sexy underwear, black is more resistant and sexy.

Like colors, the pattern has many styles.Some underwear will be traditional lace and linen, but other underwear will add some sexy elements that are undoubtedly sexy.Lace is the most common style of sexy underwear, and beads and sequins are also very common design elements.

How to wear sexy underwear

After putting on underwear, the most important thing is to express it well.When you put on a sexy underwear, instead of saying some casual jokes to your partner, you might as well show yourself in some rich ways.Body language, eyes, and smile can convey your favorite and caress about your partner.If you don’t know where to start, observing the assistant in a dim and red flashing environment may be a good idea.

Sales of sex underwear

Interest underwear is a close -fitting underwear, so learn to take good care of them.If you want to keep these underwear sexy and durable, you must do it according to the maintenance instructions on the label.Some sexy underwear is made of a certain special fabric, such as leather or rubber, which requires more special care.Therefore, when buying a sexy underwear, don’t forget to ask about providing some tricks or washing guidance for clothing maintenance.

The relationship between sexy underwear and sex

Interest underwear is not necessarily related to sex, but these underwear can increase interest and bring a stronger experience.

If you and your girlfriend are enjoying the stimulus brought by sexy underwear, remember, don’t let these clothes affect your sexual experience.Before you are preparing to have a close relationship with your girlfriend, you may wish to discuss which underwear he likes and which underwear can be accepted, which will help avoid confusion that may cause conflict.

How to buy sexy underwear

There are many ways to buy sexy underwear, including specialty stores, online stores and other retail stores.The guests are more capable of buying sexy underwear in the specialty store, mainly because the store will have professional services from matching size to packaging. In addition, you may also feel more buyer experience through group therapy provided by professionals.(If group therapy (purchase) can be prohibited).However, although it is more convenient to buy at home, it should be noted that do not buy products with suspicious sources, or buying online channel promotions recommended by companions, which are not recommended.

The role of sexy underwear for women

For women, wearing erotic underwear will make them feel more confident when getting in close contact with her boyfriend.Although these underwear do not necessarily take the "beautiful" on the surface as the first priority, through wearing these underwear, women have the opportunity to release themselves and create their own sexy appearance.In addition, sexy underwear also brings some lace and bright colors to women.

How do men choose sexy sheets

How do men buy sexy underwear?The important thing is to understand your own girlfriend’s love and worship, so that she can provide her with a personalized and suitable sensory experience.Skin tone and clamping are the guide card you need to check when buying, but you still need to remember to exercise your subjective literacy, so that erotic underwear is not a simple gift, but a belief that two people explore different experiences.

Sexy underwear tips

At the end of the article, we threw some tips for everyone:

Understand your size to ensure that underwear is suitable for your body size;

Learn the theme of the event before buying to buy suitable underwear and toys;

When making a sexual experience, do not let sexy underwear, toys or other things dominate.This experience should always be a story about two people.

in conclusion

Through this article, we hope to be able to provide a little inspiration for readers who want to solve the affectionate underwear, toys and sexy and fashionable, and sort out some important matters of their girlfriends who have sex underwear.A perfect experience requires you to pay attention to every detail.The most important thing is to enjoy this process, feel the beauty of them, and enjoy a closer moment. It is not the most important among the two.This is our summary, I hope you will like our suggestions and laughter.

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