The heart sadness of shooting sex underwear

Hard work life

As a sexy underwear expert, every day’s life is running for better shooting of sexy lingerie.When you get up in the morning, you will put on the clothes specified in the menu, turn on the makeup specified in the menu, and go to the studio to start a day of work.

Unbearable shooting environment

When shooting, you will continue to place your posture, put music, change your clothing, and even change the background. Especially in summer, the indoor temperature is high and the light is strong, which makes people feel unbearable.

The entanglement of art and business

When shooting, I often feel how beautiful and artistic is sexy lingerie on the model, but I also want to sell sex underwear by shooting, but sometimes I feel tangled because of the pursuit of art.

Observation perspective

Standing above the studio, looking at the tired models and team staff in the field, I feel like an authoritative person sitting at a high place to command everything. This kind of high feeling makes me often reflect on my relationship with others.

Pressure of public opinion

Interest underwear has a special market and audience, but in the eyes of the public, it is considered a "indecent" thing, making me feel the pressure of some public opinion.I often think that one day of sexy underwear can be accepted as ordinary underwear.

Breakthrough of psychological barriers

Every time I take a sexy underwear with the model, I need to break through the psychological barrier. This is something I have to do.I can’t deny that the career of love underwear will become a challenge, which requires a strong mentality to break through this psychological barrier.

Fun underwear aesthetics exploration

Interest underwear is not just a symbol of sexy, but it has the connotation of aesthetics and culture behind it.I constantly explore this aesthetics and culture, and promote these ideas so that more people can understand the connotation of sexy underwear.

Integration of industry resources

Take a sexy underwear, not only models, makeup artists, hair stylists, but also professionals such as photographers and lighters.How to integrate these industry resources and create an efficient team is the problem of continuous exploration in my daily work.

The future of the future

As an expert in sexy underwear, I have deep expectations for the future.I hope that not only can I understand more people through my efforts, but also make sexy underwear a symbol of fashion, confidence and beauty.

The hardships and beauty of shooting sex underwear

Although the occupation of love underwear is sometimes hard, I always believe that beautiful things are worthy of pursuing and persistence.As long as we have dreams, faith, and motivation, we will be able to move towards a better future!

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