The male lead takes the female lead to buy sexy underwear

The male lead takes the female lead to buy sexy underwear

It is a interesting thing for men and women to buy sexy underwear.Let me share with you the experience and experience of the male lead with the female lead to buy a sexy underwear.

1. Understand underwear type

Before looking for underwear, the male lead can investigate the type of sexy underwear for the heroine.From basic models to deep V lace, from a full set to half sets, different types of underwear are suitable for different occasions and needs.This can make the male lead prepare.

2. Determine the style direction

With understanding, the next step is to determine the direction of style.The heroine often does not know which style of underwear she needs. The male lead can give the female lead some directions in some directions while consulting the clerk.

3. Size measurement

For any style of underwear, the size is a very important reference indicator. The measurement size must not be omitted.Finding the appropriate size is good for the chest protection and comfort of clothing, and can show the heroine’s confidence and beauty.

4. Test the clothes room experience

Once you pick the model and size, you must try it on your body.Because only when you really experience it, you will understand the effects and comfort of the underwear more intuitively in the fitting room.At the same time, the female lead will enjoy the process of shopping more happily.

5. Quality test

The quality must not be ignored. When choosing underwear, the male lead needs to pay attention to details, such as steel rings, shoulder straps, fabrics, etc.Only by understanding their characteristics can we choose better underwear.

6. Consider set or single item

Underwear is not a single product, there are many mix and match combinations.When buying, you may wish to consider the underwear suit or single item, which is more coordinated and more charming.

7. Follow the brand

Brand is also an important reference factor for underwear purchase.Brands can represent a style. Its design, materials, and workmanship represent their brand will, so whether it is in line with the value and pursuit of personal personal value and pursuit.

8. Buy time

The purchase time is also particular, because sometimes the store will have activities, such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Qingming Festival, etc. Different activities have different discounts, which can make the purchase more favorable.

9. Consultation clerk

Consultation store clerks are also important. They are usually professionals in this field. They can provide purchase guidance and give different solutions and suggestions according to the needs of the heroine, background and budget.

10. Grasp the purchase opportunity

Finally, grasp a good opportunity at a time.If there are preferential activities or gifts, it will be realized in this purchase.

In short, the male lead and the female lead to buy a sexy underwear need to fully consider the preferences, body, needs, and occasions of the heroine.In the trying size, selection of styles, understanding of products, and focusing on brands, the male lead can focus on these guiding principles to better buy sexy underwear that meets their needs for the female lead.

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