The most sexy love underwear video Baidu


In recent years, sexy underwear has gradually become popular, and more and more women have begun to become interested in them.In order to better display these sexy clothing, many brands have launched various videos.Today, let’s discuss the most sexual emotional fun underwear video on Baidu search results.

Classic Representative: Victoria’s Underwear Show

Victoria’s Secret (Victoria’s Secret )’s "Victoria’s Underwear Show" is one of the representatives of sexy underwear and has a high popularity.The annual underwear show not only attracts the attention of many fans, but also has become an important event in the fashion industry.If you want to watch the sexiest sexy underwear videos, you may wish to start with Victoria’s underwear show.

Domestic brand representative: jnby

JNBY (simple life) is a well -known fashion brand in China, and its sexy lingerie series is also loved by consumers.JNBY’s sexy underwear video shooting style is diverse, with a sense of fashion, artistic atmosphere, and interesting.The brand promotional short film "The color of a touch of coat" is one of the masterpieces of the JNBY sex lingerie series, and the "colorful" series can be called the classic work of domestic sexy underwear videos.

Original brand representative: Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is a sexy underwear brand from Britain, which is highly sought after with its bold and sexy design style.With its high -quality shooting, bold plot, and bloody music, the brand promotional film "Private Tapes" has become a well -deserved classic.

Internet celebrity representative: beautiful leg leader

The beautiful leg leader is a online beauty from China, becoming popular with his amazing beautiful legs and charming figure.Her sexy underwear videos also attracted much attention. The most classic works are "Beautiful Legs: Sexy Fashion Show".The characteristics of this video are well -made, bright music rhythm and the sexy display of the leader, which is dazzling.

Star Representative: Yang Mi

Yang Mi is a well -known actress in China and a brand spokesperson for the brand of well -known erotic lingerie brand Triumph.The "Find The One" series of sexy underwear videos she shot for the brand shows people a confident, sexy, and elegant side. The color of the video is warm and soft, making the audience feel comfortable.

Brand cooperation representative: H & M X Love Stories

H & M is a Swedish fashion brand, while Love Stories is a sexy underwear brand from the Netherlands.The cooperation between the two brands has been well received.Their sexy underwear videos are characterized by humorous and interesting ways, which makes people resonate with real estate.

Series not to be missed: "SEDUCE YOURSELF" series of Agent Provocateur

"SEDUCE YOURSELF" is one of the most representative sexy lingerie series of Agent Provocateur. The information it conveys is that women wear sexy underwear to meet the prejudice of men’s needs.Confidence and happiness.The series of publicity videos are naturally full of rebellion and independence.

Charm shooting method

In order to show the charm of sexy underwear, the production team often uses a variety of high -end shooting methods.For example, the shooting of Victoria’s Underwear Show often uses large projection curtain walls and realistic stage lighting, while the video of the "SEDUCE YOURSELF" series uses black and white tones and retro music, which makes people feel attractive.

Exquisite clothing design

In addition to the shooting method, the clothing design in sexy underwear videos has also been very concerned about the production team.Various sexy underwear performed on the Victoria’s Underwear Show is simply art, and JNBY’s colorful series breaks through the design of traditional sexy underwear, providing people with richer choices.


The above video not only shows the sexiest sexy lingerie style, but also reflects the importance of shooting methods and clothing design.For female consumers, the most important thing is to find underwear styles that make them feel confident and happy.I hope that this article can inspire readers and find the sexy underwear that suits them best.

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