The next page purple color sex lingerie back

The next page purple color sex lingerie back


Sex underwear is a special underwear that can increase sexual interest and satisfy sexual fantasy.Purple is a mysterious and sexy color. Coupled with the so -called "post -entering style", it can better stimulate the unspeakable desire in the love.Today, let’s take a closer look at the charm of the next page of purple sexy underwear.


This sexy underwear is made of high -quality nylon and lace.The lace is soft, light, comfortable, sexy and elegant.Nylon is thin, breathable, elastic, sexy and comfortable after wearing.


This erotic underwear uses classic corset and underwear combination, and the design of the rear is rear -entered, which makes people feel different stimuli.The corset is designed with a triangular cup, with lace bow, sexy and cute.Underwear is a T -shaped pants design, perfectly shaping the hip curve.


Purple is a mysterious and noble color, and it can well modify the skin color of the skin, which looks white and translucent.So this underwear is purple, which shows your elegance and charm.


The size of this sexy underwear is very rich. It has multiple sizes such as S, M, L, XL, which can meet the needs of different figures.

Color matching

The color matching of this sexy underwear is very sophisticated. Both underwear and panties use the same pattern to make the entire sexy underwear look more harmonious and unified.


This erotic underwear is suitable for couples who want to try to enter the posture, and also apply to those couples who want to increase their sexual interests and ignite emotional sparks.Wearing this sexy underwear in sex can increase interest and passion, making lovers more tacit and sweeter.

Method of dressing

First, put on the corset and adjust the cup type to make the breast comfortable and full of style.Then, put on T -shaped pants and pull the bottom of the pants to the hips to make the hip curve more sexy.Finally, wear the entire sexy underwear and adjust the comfort, and you can perform sex.


Because this sexy underwear uses high -quality materials, it is necessary to be careful when maintenance.It is recommended to use hand washing, washing cold or warm water, and try not to use the washing machine.In addition, special attention should be paid to avoid sun exposure, squeezing, and scrubbing.


The next page of purple color sexy underwear is a very sexy, comfortable, and charm of sexy underwear. Use it to satisfy sexual fantasy. It can not only strengthen the pleasure of sex, but also make your body and mind greatly relax and satisfy.

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