The process of wearing a sex lingerie

The process of wearing a sex lingerie

Playing in sexy underwear is a very exciting and interesting thing.If you want to try such interesting things, follow the steps introduced in this article to ensure that your dressing and use are as perfect and pleasant as possible.

Ready to play

When wearing sexy underwear, you must first prepare.First, make sure that the size of a sexy underwear is suitable for your body and to ensure comfort.You also have to consider what themes and atmosphere you want to do.

Choose the right sexy underwear

Good erotic underwear can enhance your physical advantage and bring you self -confidence.You can choose sexy underwear with lace lace, shoulder straps or perspective effects.These elements can enhance your charm and make you look more sexy and attractive.


Interest underwear is just part of your play.You also need other materials to enhance the atmosphere.Adjust the atmosphere with moonlight lights, use aromatherapy candles and the aroma of the room.You can try to wear a sexy sunglasses or tie.The most important thing is that people who play with you must be willing to try these things, otherwise you will feel embarrassed.


The wearing of sexy underwear is essentially an undressed game.So, take off your clothes before the beginning.You can fill this blank room with top -level erotic underwear, and you can also put on other dresses to enhance your game.This can make your feelings stronger and better adjust the atmosphere.

Start with a dance party

The person who starts to move you to play, let them be willing to use hands on you, or use a breeze to gently brush your skin.Try some playful dances, this can enhance intimacy and allow partners to enjoy.

Use a mirror

It is good to use mirrors for a period of time.You can try to show the sexy underwear elegantly in front of the mirror, or specifically instruct your playmate to watch the mirror see what you are doing.This can enhance visual stimuli and bring more orgasm to you and your playmates.

Expression and response

Throughout the process, please be proud of your experimental activities and its effects, and strive to respond to the action and interaction of the people you play.Take the initiative to express your feelings as much as possible, and ask each other’s feelings.This can clearly satisfy each other.


If you choose to end this process at the end, it is best to end the event while the climax and the heyday.Usually there is no need to talk about at this time, enjoy this wonderful moment quietly, enjoy a sense of weakness, or enjoy the suddenly cheerful state of mind in the process.Before the start of the event, I plan to have a good follow -up plan, here the end of joy, and then plan some other interesting stimuli things to better continue your relationship.


Playing in sexy underwear is an exciting experience, but you need to pay attention to every step.Do not try this experience just to try, but follow security, interaction, respect and establishment of trust.Keep in mind that although all kinds of physical vision and psychological enjoyment are different, the focus is on the attempts and experiences of you and your playmates in the process.

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