The sexy lingerie show without the bottom, revealing B

The sexy lingerie show without the bottom, revealing B

The sexy lingerie show is the most popular fashion activity nowadays. Many women want to wear sexy and special underwear to show their beauty and charm.However, in such activities, sometimes there are some embarrassing things, such as the model of the catwalk, wearing a sexy underwear, but accidentally revealed the B part below.How to deal with this situation?Here are some solutions.

Option 1: Prepare leggings

When choosing sexy underwear, some models may choose a more exposed style because of the pursuit of fashion and sexy. At this time, you can prepare a pair of personal leggings. When you put on the bottom pants when you expose the B part, you can protect it.Privacy, and does not affect the gesture of your catwalk.

Option 2: Increase the number of underwear layers

Some erotic underwear itself is transparent or tulle fabric. In order to prevent accidentally glowing, you can wear a proper bottom shirt or corset under the sex underwear to increase the number of layers of underwear, protect your privacy, and avoid the occurrence of embarrassing scenes.

Option 3: Short the walking route

When choosing a walking route, you can shorten the original route to avoid excessive movements and reduce the risk of glowing.If you have to do some movements such as jumping, turning, you can take precautions in advance to avoid accidents.

Option 4: Notify the host in advance

If you foresee you may go before the show, you can inform the host or other staff in advance so that they can remind themselves to pay attention to details and actions during the catwalk, or provide assistance in emergencies.

Option 5: Choose the right underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, you can choose the right style and size according to your body, size and style.This can avoid glory and discomfort, and better show your beauty and temperament.

Option 6: Try underwear in advance

Before the catwalk, you can try on the sexy underwear you want to wear in advance to confirm the comfort and appropriateness of the underwear, and you can adjust or replace it in time when you encounter any problems.

Plan 7: Strengthen self -confidence

The external beauty cannot be fully guaranteed that there is no accident, so you can strengthen your inner self -confidence.To achieve long -term avoidance, be good at giving play to your own advantages, while maintaining confidence. Even if you have glowing, you can face it calmly, not too embarrassing and nervous.

Option 8: Keep professionalism

In the erotic underwear show, no matter what accidents occur, you must maintain a professional attitude.It looks embarrassed when walking away. If you can calmly analyze and deal with, you can also win more attention and support for yourself.


In the sexy underwear show, although walking is an embarrassing situation, we can avoid and cope with multiple ways.Choosing the right sexy underwear, trying and trying in advance, shortening walking routes, etc., can effectively reduce the problem of glowing.But the most important thing is to maintain the attitude of self -confidence, professionalism and calm treatment, which is the key to the ultimate solution to the problem and winning success.

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