The sexy underwear tied up

The sexy underwear tied up

Sex underwear, as an important part of sexy supplies, is loved by more and more people.The tied upwear underwear can greatly stimulate people’s inner desires, and love the love of sexy underwear enthusiasts.The following article will introduce the various types, styles and precautions of the sexy underwear tied up.

A variety of types are tied up in sexy underwear

There are many types of sexy underwear tied up, such as strap type, backbone tie, restraint, collar type, etc.These types have their own characteristics, and their special binding methods and unique design can meet the needs of different people.

Stroke sexy underwear

The strap -style sexy underwear is mainly characterized by its chest strap design. It can be performed on the penguin -style binding method or X -shaped binding method, showing a very sexy visual effect, and can effectively support the chest.

Backhand tie sexy underwear

Back -handed sexy underwear tied his arms behind his back, showing the visual effect of charm, and at the same time, he could support the chest.However, it is worth noting that the binding method should be appropriate, and too tight tie may bring discomfort.

Best sexy underwear

The restraint of sexy underwear is the most SM nature. It suppresses the power of the body and achieves a stronger stimulus effect, and allows the wearer to achieve the realm of carnival under the restraint.

Collar sexy underwear

The collar sexy underwear is mainly based on the neck tie method, which will tie the neck tightly, which looks petite and fragile, and is also very sexy and coquettish.

Different styles are tied up in sex underwear

Everyone’s aesthetics are different, so there are not only many types of sexy underwear, but also a variety of styles to meet the pursuit of different consumers.

Three -point sexy underwear

Three-point sexy underwear is mainly composed of bra, G-string, and socks. It can expose more muscles of the body and improve the stimulus of interest.

Open Crown Sex Place

Open crotch sex lingerie or crotch -mouthed sexy underwear is due to the free space under the crotch, which can make couples more convenient to interact and increase the playability of interest.

Low erotic underwear

The characteristics of lace sexy underwear are characterized by a lot of lace decorations. Sometimes it covers the main points of the main point. Sometimes it will use translucent materials such as lace or tulle to make people feel mysterious.


Tie too tightly

Tied up in erotic underwear, too tightly may affect the physiological activity of the body, and it is not comfortable.Therefore, pay attention to moderate in the process of wearing to avoid tie yourself.

Choose the type and style that suits you

Sex products are a very personal thing. You must choose to tie sex underwear that suits you according to your hobbies, physical conditions and needs in order to be more comfortable and happy in use.


The tied erotic underwear often distorts people’s visual imagination, improves the stimulus of interest, and has become an indispensable part of sexy underwear categories.Pay attention to moderate when choosing, pay attention to physical health, and also choose the type and style that suits you, and enjoy a pleasant sex life.

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