The sister -in -law wearing a sexy underwear


In the market, we can see the sexy underwear of many brands, and there are domestic and foreign brands.Among them, the sexy underwear is colorful in color, with a variety of fabrics, and is favored by female consumers. Most of the brands are niche or independent design brands. Foreign erotic underwear is more sexy and bold.One of the products.

Material exquisite

The importance of sexy underwear is very important for wearing experience and maintenance.The material types include satin, lace, silk, fish net and so on.The erotic lingerie of the satin material is good and breathable, which is in line with the good experience of women’s bodies; and the sexy underwear of lace materials is not only sexy, but also has good breathability, exuding a strong charm of women.


Pay attention to the selection and matching of styles.If you choose a very sexy sexy underwear, you can wear shoulder straps or bikini to wear better effects; while choosing a more personal sexy underwear, you can wear clothes to wear better.


Pay attention to the choice on the occasion.For example, if it is a romantic occasion such as Valentine’s Day, you can choose a more sexy sexy underwear; if it is a more formal occasion, you can choose a simple and soft texture underwear.

Size measurement

The size of sexy underwear is very important.The correct size can ensure the wear effect and comfort.Generally, the size of sexy underwear is mainly European and American size. You need to carefully measure your body size and choose the appropriate size.

Selection of color

Pay attention to the choice of color in sex underwear. Different colors will convey different female charm.Generally speaking, black colors are more sexy, red color is more tempting, and white colors are more refreshing.


Interest underwear needs to pay attention to maintenance methods, and the correct maintenance method can extend its service life.Generally speaking, sexy underwear needs to be washed by hand to avoid using washing machines.At the same time, you need to use different cleaning methods according to different materials to flatten and place it before drying.

Fashion matching

Fun underwear can also be used in fashion.For example, it can be paired with high -waisted pants to show the elegant temperament of women; or choose an off -the -shoulder dress to emphasize the sexy charm of sexy underwear.

Dual attitude

At the moment of wearing a sexy underwear, women can experience another herself.Putting on sex underwear is undoubtedly a dual attitude that satisfies his own behavior and stimulates women.

in conclusion

Interest underwear is not only to stimulate men, but also the expression of women’s pursuit of freedom, indulgence and confidence.Putting on sexy underwear can bring stronger self -confidence and joy to women.Therefore, we should try to wear sexy underwear and enjoy another kind of ourselves.

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