The story of me wearing a fun underwear teacher

Chapter 1: Strange Teacher

I have always been curious and imagined with sexy underwear, but I have never been in contact with positive eyes.Until my course table arranged a teacher named Maryan.

I can’t find any information about her.She was thin, black, wearing a dark blue dress.Her voice was very sweet, but as soon as she entered the classroom, she suddenly became very lively and interesting.She is a teacher of the sex lingerie design course. Every time she takes some flowers and toys, she teachs how to wear sexy underwear in a sexy and elegant atmosphere.

Chapter 2: Seeing Beauty

In the first class, we started a simple course.Marian taught us how to look at the beauty of underwear and how to find styles and colors suitable for our figure.

"Interest underwear is as beautiful as art. They can show the beauty of the human body and make you feel a kind of beauty beyond the reality. Choosing a style and color that suits you can make you a sexy and confident woman."

Chapter III: Exquisite details

In the next class, Mary An introduced us to the details of sexy underwear.She fiddled with different fabrics, lace and accessories to show us the unique charm of every sexy underwear.

"Note that the details are essential when wearing sexy underwear. For example, some underwear’s chest lining may be slightly thicker, so that the chest can make the chest more upright and more sexy."

Chapter 4: S three -dimensional tailoring

"It shows the most beautiful side in sexy underwear, and the three -dimensional tailoring technology is also an essential part. Only in this way can your body more charming."

When Marian explained how to trim lingerie fabrics to adapt to the body curve, my eyes and soul burned fire.Since then, I have been very interested in this course.

Chapter 5: Go out of the comfort zone

With the advancement of the course, I gradually realized that wearing sex underwear is a thing that needs to constantly challenge myself."Well, I have to admit that when I tried sexy underwear for the first time, I was uncomfortable at all, but gradually discovered that it brought me a positive self -awareness."

Chapter 6: Color Magic

In the next few courses, Maryan showed us many sexy underwear of different styles and colors. The dense theoretical courses shocked me.I found that coloring can really change the status and emotions of a woman.

"When you wear a color that suits you, you will be full of confidence and vitality. To choose the color that suits you, you need to consider your skin color, eyes and hair color, and the emotions you want to express."

Chapter 7: Suitable for your underwear

After learning a lot of theoretical knowledge, we began to try to put on our favorite sexy underwear. The successful experience has improved my self -esteem and women’s confidence.

"You need to pay attention to the following points for choosing a sexy underwear: you need to consider comfort, the style and color suitable for your own, match the usual dress style, etc.". "

Chapter 8: Underwear Maintenance

Once you have a beautiful erotic underwear, you need to know how to maintain them to ensure that they maintain a good condition for a long time.

"Interesting underwear requires special maintenance. You need to wash it with cold water. It is best not to dry it with a washing machine. In addition, do not use bleach and strong cleaners."

Chapter 9: The correct way to wear sex underwear

Of course, it is also essential to appropriately understand the correct method of wearing underwear.

"When wearing underwear, there are still a few points to pay attention to: when wearing underwear, the chest should be stuffed into a cup (except for no steel rings, no packeting chest underwear). The shoulder strap cannot be too tight, but it cannot be too loose, which will affect it, which will affect it, which will affect it, which will affect it, which will affect it, which will affect it. It will affect it. It will affect it.The support of the underwear. "

Chapter 10: My Views

The story of the erotic underwear teacher, reviewing the road of erotic underwear we came along.Fun underwear courses teach us how to make our hearts and appearances more beautiful.I believe that beauty is not just appearance, it is self -confidence and beauty from the deep inside.Only by finding the right underwear and style can we truly be confident and become the brightest star in their night sky.

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