There are many people who buy sex underwear which provinces

There are many people who buy sex underwear which provinces

Interest underwear is a special clothing that combines aesthetics, sexy and practicality, and is loved by many people.However, the acceptance and demand of sexy underwear in different areas are different.So, which provinces do you buy sexy underwear?Below, we will answer this question through data and analysis.

1. Beijing

Beijing is a national international city. It has a large number of high -end people and young consumers. As the center of Chinese politics, economy and culture, the fashion consumption atmosphere here is also relatively strong.Therefore, the sales of sexy underwear in Beijing have always been ahead of other cities.

2. Shanghai

Shanghai is one of the global economic centers. There are many high -end nightlife venues. Interest underwear is also a must -have for nightclubs and bars.The young people in Shanghai also pay attention to fashion and trend, so the sales of sexy underwear in Shanghai are also very high.

3. Guangdong Province

The economic development of Guangdong Province is rapid, and a large number of migrants are flowing in each year, and these people are generally more open and trendy. Therefore, the sales of sexy underwear in Guangdong Province have always been high.

4. Jiangsu Province

Jiangsu Province, as a high -incidence area, especially Nanjing and Suzhou, many young people have gathered here. These people have a strong pursuit of fashion and freshness, so the sexy underwear market is also very active.

5. Zhejiang Province

Zhejiang Province is the birthplace of Beijing trend culture centered on Hangzhou and Ningbo. The young people here pay attention to individuality and fashion, and sexy underwear can meet the needs of these young people. ThereforeGreat market space.

6. Hunan Province

Although Hunan Province is not as developed as in several other areas, consumers here are more conscious of the design and quality of erotic underwear, not brand and price.At the same time, the young people in Hunan Province have a higher acceptance of sexy underwear, so the sales of sexy underwear in Hunan Province are also considerable.

7. Sichuan Province

Sichuan Province is a dynamic and innovative area. The people here are also very strong for fashion and trend. Especially in Chengdu, a young and fashionable city, the market prospects of interest underwear are very clear.

8. Henan Province

Henan Province is a province with a large population. The consumer demand here is large and open, so the market prospects of sexy underwear here are also very broad.

In general, sexy underwear has a large market demand nationwide, but consumers in different regions are different from the needs, acceptance, and market development speed of different regions.Therefore, when formulating the sales strategy of sexy underwear, corresponding adjustments and analysis are needed according to the actual situation of different regions.

Viewpoint: Although the demand in different regions is different, the markets of various places have great potential and market space, and the interesting underwear industry has very optimistic prospects.

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