Three points of leather are sexy underwear

Three points of leather are sexy underwear

Sex underwear is popular due to its sexy and implied sex, and the three points of the cortex can be described as a luxury representative in sexy underwear.Three points of the leather are a series of sexy underwear composed of leather and metal chains, usually containing masks, handcuffs and aes.This sexy lingerie style was originally supported by some rebellious culture, but now it has evolved into a global fashion trend.This article will introduce you to the characteristics of this sexy underwear, purchase suggestions, and wearing skills.

1. What is the three points of cortical?

Three points of leather are a series of sexy underwear composed of leather and metal chains. It is usually composed of three parts: masks, handcuffs, and aes.The design of the three -point cortex is usually related to the image of the slave or sex slave, so it is more common in membership night clubs, private parties and SM clubs.The disadvantage is that the trial process of this sexy underwear is more challenging, and it is not suitable for people with low body softness or lower sensitivity.

2. Suggestions

Suitable for your size and personal style, you must measure your body size and view the size table in the product description.When you buy three points, you need to ensure that it is suitable, comfortable and safe enough.At the same time, it is recommended to read the evaluation and suggestions of other buyers before buying to get more information.

3. Accessories

As mentioned earlier, the three points of the cortex include masks, handcuffs and foot crickets.The mask usually has a opening to breathe and has visual restrictions to keep the wearer’s eyes blindly. This can better shape the image of the yield, which is conducive to increasing the real sense of the role.Handcuffs usually have a safety lock that can prevent the wearer from suddenly unbuttoning his handcuffs.The chain attached to the foot can be a mode that cannot be broken, so as not to try to escape.

4. Leather type

Leather is one of the raw materials for the three -point leather.Compared with fibrous materials, it has more durability and luxury, which makes it an ideal choice for developing sexy underwear.Most leather three points are made of leather.

5. Metal type

Metal is one of the raw materials for the three -point leather.It is usually used to make chains and locks. Due to its weight and toughness, it provides the wearer with a more realistic situation.Typical metal types include stainless steel, chromium, silver and bone.

6. Dressing skills

It takes some techniques to wear leather three points, which may be difficult for people who have not tried sexy underwear.First, you need to be familiar with cleaning and maintaining leather and metal.Secondly, you need to learn to wear masks, handcuffs and footsteps correctly.It is best to ask the store to provide live demonstrations before buying.

7. Risk prompt

There are some risks in wearing cortex three points, such as wear, too tight or overlap, rust and other manufacturing defects.Before use, you should check the product carefully and ensure your body comfort and safety.

8. Summary

In short, if you are a lovers of sexy underwear and find a new experience, three points of leather may be a choice worth trying.However, you need to understand any possible risks and learn to wear it correctly so that you can enjoy the fun brought by this sexy underwear more healthily and safely.

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