Three women shopping to buy sexy underwear

The first stop: sexy underwear shop

Three women walked into a sexy underwear shop quickly, and the clerk greeted them enthusiastically and asked them if they needed help.A woman hesitated, and finally asked the clerk:

Second stop: Fashion Brand Store

After leaving the sex underwear store, the three came to a fashion brand store. The shop was soft and placed in various styles of underwear. The three women were busy choosing their favorite styles.One of the women picked up an expensive sexy underwear, and other women said that they were too expensive and unacceptable.

Third stop: Large shopping mall

After unable to find a satisfactory underwear, three women came to a large shopping mall.The variety of underwear styles in the underwear area of the mall dazzle three women.One of the women picked up a purple lace perspective underwear, but the other two women thought it was too exposed.

Adjustment of status

Entering the cafe in the mall, the three women sat down and rest to eliminate fatigue.After sitting down, they began to reflect on their shopping experience. They believed that the underwear they found at present are not very satisfied, and they need to look for it again.

Find the right shop

After turning some information, they found a shop that specializes in selling high -end underwear on the Internet.The shop decoration is simple and noble, attracting the attention of three women.The clerk helped them choose underwear that suits them, and the price is much cheaper than brand underwear on the market.


The three women found that the perfect matching of the underwear requires the assistance of underwear accessories. The clerk actively recommended some suitable underwear accessories, such as underwear straps and underwear pads.

Further shopping advice

Under the guidance of the consultant, the three women found that the way of buying underwear has always paid attention to styles, brands and prices, and ignored the applicability of underwear. They benefited a lot.It is recommended that people not only pay attention to the appearance, brand, price and other factors when buying underwear, but also internal materials and applicability are equally important.

Types of underwear

Most people only pay attention to women’s underwear. In fact, there are men’s underwear, and as market demand continues to change, the children’s underwear market is developing rapidly.When buying underwear, you should choose a category that suits you, not simply pursuing popular styles.

Quality of underwear

Quality is one of the indispensable elements when shopping, but how to distinguish high -quality underwear and inferior underwear?Two points: fabric and workmanship.High -quality underwear should choose high -end fabrics, such as silk, Modal, etc., and good underwear will not have a line head, maintain a smooth touch.

in conclusion

Through this shopping experience, the three women believe that buying underwear is not just for sexy and beautiful, but should consider applicability, internal materials, accessories, and quality.In addition to women’s underwear, there are men’s underwear and children’s underwear markets. The former is suitable for some special groups or gifts, and the latter has market demand.When buying underwear, you should follow the principles of "suitable for yourself, quality brands, and sophisticated workmanship".

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