Touch the AIDS in sexy underwear

Foreword: AIDS dissection of sexy underwear

In recent years, sexy underwear has gradually become a prop for some people, and the spread of AIDS has also become a problem that cannot be ignored.Although sexy underwear is not the main way to spread, it cannot be ignored.Next, we will explore the risks and preventive methods of AIDS dissemination of sexy underwear in detail.

Risk 1: Sanitary problems before use

Many people often ignore the disinfection work before use after buying sexy underwear.This will cause underwear to be polluted by various bacteria and viruses during long -term transportation, and it is easy to cause cross -infection.Therefore, it is necessary to disinfect and ensure that the underwear is dry before using sex underwear.

Risk 2: Wound infection in use

During the use of sexy underwear, it is easy to cause some wounds and cracks in the sexual organs. These wounds can easily make HIV into the body.In addition, in the process of using sexy underwear, if you accidentally damage the underwear, you will also give AIDS virus an invasion opportunity.

Risk 3: Common risk

In sexy underwear, some more private parts can easily become a hotbed for viruses and bacteria.If many people use the same sexy underwear together, they will greatly increase the risk of cross -infection.Therefore, in daily life, you must pay attention not to choose the sexy underwear used together.

Risk 4: Disinfection after use

Many people often do not disinfection after using the sexy underwear.This will allow the virus and bacteria in the underwear to survive on the underwear.In this case, these viruses and bacteria will be more likely to infect the body next time.Therefore, it must be disinfected and dry after using underwear.

Actively prevent AIDS communication

In order to avoid the spread of AIDS, we can take the following measures:

Buy as clean sexy lingerie as possible

Disinfection before use, and make sure the underwear is dry

Actively carry out personal protection to avoid wounds when using underwear

Everyone should have their own sexy underwear, don’t use it together

Disinfeted in time after using full -time underwear and ensure dryness

The hazards of AIDS

AIDS is a disease caused by AIDS virus, which can bring great health hazards to the human body.It will destroy the human body’s immune system, leading to the emergence of various infectious diseases and tumors.In addition, AIDS can also cause irreversible damage to the nervous system and mental health of the human body.

in conclusion

Although sexy underwear is not the main way to spread AIDS, it also has certain hidden dangers.Therefore, in daily use, we must pay attention to health issues and take positive preventive measures to protect the health and safety of ourselves and others, and avoid the spread of AIDS.

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