Try to penetrate sexy jelly online

Have you ever thought about it?

In the busy life, many women have no time to go to physical stores to try sexy underwear, and they often feel embarrassed and uncomfortable when trying to try on physical stores.choose.Intective underwear on the Internet is not only convenient, but it will not waste time due to size problems, but concerns are whether this method is safe and accurate.

The process and method of trying to penetrate sexy underwear online

There are many ways to try on sexy underwear online. The most popular one is to use AR virtual trial technology. AR virtual trial technology can achieve virtual trials of sexy underwear through special cameras, computer algorithms and corresponding software.The trials usually need to quantity their own size at home, and choose the corresponding sexy underwear based on the size on the website. When trying it on, find their own size. After clicking the virtual trialEffect, and confirm your satisfaction.

What should I pay attention to when trying on online

When trying to penetrate sexy underwear online, you should pay attention to the matters:

Try to select websites or brands with high credibility;

Measure the size of the body accurately, so as to avoid the size of the size;

See the description of the product, the materials, texture, style, etc.;

It is recommended to choose brands and websites that support services such as returns and exchanges.

Advantages of trying on online

Compared with the embarrassment and discomfort in the physical store, there are several advantages to try on the online sex underwear:

It is convenient and fast, saving the time for waiting in line in the store;

High accuracy. Through the correct size supply, trying on the Internet platform can avoid the inappropriate size of the size;

The purchase process is not embarrassing, because shopping online can better protect privacy.

Disadvantages of Internet trial

Although it is convenient to try sexy underwear online, there will also be some potential shortcomings:

Although the AR virtual trial technology is used, it cannot be completely restored to the wearing effect. Compared with the trial in the physical store, it cannot be completely compared;

So far, there is no way to touch the feel of the clothing as if the physical store tries to try on;

In some people, in cases, they still need to try it on in the real thing to make the right choice and decision -making.

How to ensure that the size is accurate when trying on the Internet?

The size selection of the online store’s online order may not necessarily match its actual size. Professional brands and websites have provided us with a more detailed size measurement method.Before trying on the Internet, consumers can first try size, get some reliable size data, and combine the blueprint of their own figure to make the most accurate size choices.

Virtual trials of sexy underwear existing shortcomings

AR virtual trial technology only achieves the trial effect through algorithm virtual, and the comfort cannot be reflected.After wearing it, you know how comfortable your comfort. Different figures and habits will affect feelings, so it is difficult to achieve a good adaptation and trial experience.

The future development trend of virtual trial

It is foreseeable that with the continuous development of technology, virtual trial technology will be more advanced and more in line with people’s needs.At present, virtual trial technology is still in its infancy, and many shortcomings are optimized.However, the future development momentum is very good, and it is worth looking forward to trying virtual trials.

in conclusion

Although it is not as intuitive to try on the Internet on the Internet, it is still a trend of progress and convenience, allowing modern women to buy comfortable and personal clothes without leaving the house.With the continuous advancement of technology, virtual trial technology will become more and more applied to various situations and scenes.

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