TV series with sexy lingerie

TV series with sexy lingerie

In recent years, more and more TV dramas have begun to introduce the element of sexy underwear. From the traditional wedding scenes to the scene scene scene, the figure of sexy underwear is everywhere.These episodes have also sparked widespread discussion and attention after the air broadcast.Let’s discuss these sexy underwear together today.

1. Running man

For a long time, running men have been loved by the audience.In the first episode, the male guests need to play a couple dancing competition, so they need to wear couples.At that time, Lin Xinxin was wearing a black and sexy underwear with a suit, showing the sexy and charming men of men.

2. Daming Fenghua

Daming Fenghua is a TV series describing the history of the Ming Dynasty.In one of the bed scenes, the heroine wore a black semi -transparent sexy underwear, showing the charming and sexy of women to the fullest.

3. Gong Suo Liancheng

Gong Suolian City is a large -scale costume drama, which tells the growth process of the heroine Li Niang in the palace.In one of the scenes, Li Niang wore a strap sexy underwear, exuding the feminine and sexy atmosphere.

4. Why think of home

Why do you think that home is a real and realistic movie, which explores the misfortunes and reality in the bottom of the Chinese city.Although there are not too many scenes of bed scenes, the heroine’s shot in the sexy underwear is extremely shocking, showing a gap between real and dreaming.

5. Yueyue Biography

Yueyue Biography is a drama of palace fighting epic. With Yueyue as the main character, it reveals the struggle between Qin and Chu.In one of the scenes, Yueyue showed the elegance and charm of women in Qin Shihuang wearing lace sexy underwear.

6. Tomb Raider Note

Tomb robbing notes are a modern adventure TV series with a modern background, telling the story of an explorer looking for the ancient tomb site.In one of them, the heroine wore a sexy black sex underwear and attracted the attention of the audience and other characters with a sexy figure.

7. Three Miles and Ten Miles of Peach Blossom

Three -lives and three miles of peach blossoms are a TV series based on ancient myths, describing the love story of the protagonist Bai Qian in different life reincarnation.In one of the dreamy bed scenes, Bai Qian wore a pink lace sexy underwear, interpreting the feminine and sexy charm.

8. Gongxinmei

Palace is a costume court drama, which is based on Cao Xueqin’s "Dream of Red Mansions" as the background, telling the intriguing angle inside the court.Among them, the heroine wore a beautiful lace sexy underwear and shuttled in the scene, showing the elegance and sexy atmosphere of women.

9. Youth we have nowhere to place

The youth that we have nowhere to place is a TV series with the theme of college life, which in -depth discussing the love concept of young people.One of the women’s characters wearing pink sexual erotic underwear appeared in front of the camera, expressing young people’s exploration and pursuit of love and sex.

10. Rock sugar stew Sydney

Rock Sugar stew Sydney is a happy love comedy, telling the emotional story between a middle -aged man and young girl.In one of the episodes, the heroine wears a pink lace sexy underwear, showing women’s youth and beauty.


With the opening and changing social atmosphere, the element of sexy underwear is becoming more and more popular in TV series.It not only shows the sexy and beauty of the character, but also reflects the trend of the times and the progress of society.In the future TV series, I believe that sexy underwear will have a richer display way and more surprises waiting for the discovery of the audience.

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