Valentine’s Day boyfriend gives me sexy underwear


Valentine’s Day is a day when many couples celebrate their love.This day is a very special day for many people because they can show their love for their partners.In this special day, her boyfriend may give her a special gift, such as sexy underwear.In this article, we will explore some of the matters of my boyfriend to send her girlfriend’s sexy underwear.

Know your girlfriend’s taste

When my boyfriend decides to buy sexy underwear as a gift, you need to know the taste of your girlfriend.Consider the style, color and materials that girlfriends usually like.If your girlfriend likes sexy things, then you can consider buying some underwear with lace or transparent materials.

Know your girlfriend’s body

In addition to his girlfriend’s taste, her boyfriend should also know the size and figure of his girlfriend.Knowing the figure of my girlfriend can ensure that the sexy underwear and styles I bought are suitable for her.If you are not sure about your girlfriend’s size, you can secretly detect her body or ask her friends.

Understand the comfort of your girlfriend

In addition to fashion and beautiful needs, comfort is also very important for underwear.Boyfriend should take into account the comfort needs of his girlfriend, and choose a style suitable for comfort and beauty.When buying, consider whether his girlfriend likes to have a cup, no trace or steel ring underwear.


Price is an important factor in considering when buying sexy underwear.Boyfriend should take into account your budget and choosing a suitable budget underwear style.Underwear is a necessary item, so you can choose high -quality, long -term use styles.


Boyfriend needs to choose a suitable place to buy sexy underwear.You can choose a store or online shopping.Buying erotic underwear from the store can allow you to observe and try penetrating products, and have a better understanding of size and comfort.Online shopping provides more choices and more convenient shopping methods.

Additional gift

Sex underwear is a very special gift, but her boyfriend can consider adding some small gifts to increase surprises and romance.For example, a boyfriend can add a bottle of perfume, sex products or a bouquet of flowers.

How to give a gift

How to give gifts is also a question of consideration.Boyfriend can use sexy underwear as a surprise, but to ensure the appropriateness of time and place.You can also use underwear as part of a plush toy or gift bag to increase the sense of mystery.

Recommended Brand

When you buy sexy underwear, you recommend some brands, such as Victoria’s Secret, La Perla or Agent Provocateur.These brands provide high -quality underwear and a large number of different styles.Boyfriend can consider which brand of his girlfriend likes, and then buy a sexy underwear that his girlfriend likes.

in conclusion

It is a very special gift to send a girlfriend with a girlfriend, which can increase the intimacy between the two.However, when buying a sexy lingerie, you need to consider incorporating factors such as the taste, body and comfort, budget and other factors of your girlfriend.If my boyfriend chooses the right sexy underwear and other small gifts, it will easily win the girlfriend’s favor.

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