Victoria’s Secret Angels Instead Underwear Walk Show Video

Victoria’s Angels Sex Underwear Walk Show Video Overview

The annual Victoria’s Secret underwear show is a major event in the fashion circle. Victoria’s Angel is dazzling with a variety of sexy and gorgeous sexy underwear.

The underwear style in the video

The video shows a variety of underwear styles, including more traditional lace sexy underwear, suspended underwear, transparent underwear, etc.The common to these styles is to show the beauty and sexy of women.

Material and fabric of underwear

The underwear materials and fabrics in the video are different, including silk, lace, cotton and other plastic materials.It is particularly worth mentioning that some underwear is also equipped with jewelry accessories such as metal or crystal.

Makeup and hairstyle on the catwalk show

The beauty of Victoria’s Angels is not only reflected in underwear, but also their makeup and hairstyles are also important parts.Their eye makeup and lip makeup emphasize sexy, while hairstyle adds dynamic and hot breath to the entire shape.

Stage design in the catwalk

The stage design in the Victoria’s Underwear Show is also important.In the video catwalk, you can see a variety of color patterns, gimbal, stage suspension lamps, and dramatic stage effects composed of fluorescent lamps, which adds more visual experience to the entire show.

The body and body of Victoria’s Secret Angel

The beautiful body and perfect body of Victoria’s Angel is one of the most important parts of the catwalk.Their training, diet, and professional photography institutions are to ensure that their figures and posture can reach the best state.

Performance in the video

The video not only shows the catwalk, but also includes some music performances in some rock scenes.The singer performed some fiery songs wearing sexy sexy underwear, bringing more visual and auditory experience to the audience.

The relationship between underwear and fashion

Underwear has a close relationship with fashion, because underwear is the innermost layer of the body.Therefore, choosing a good underwear can not only make women’s figures more beautiful, but also increase women’s self -confidence.

The meaning of underwear to women

Underwear is far more than just a simple cover, but a manifestation of women’s pursuit of freedom and personality.Underwear is a unique way of dressing in women, and it is also one of the important forms of women’s self -style and temperament.


Victoria’s Secret Angel’s Inflowing Underwear Track is a kind of innovation and development of underwear fashion, showing a posture of women’s confidence, self -esteem, and self -love, and a display of women’s interesting life diversity.Underwear fashion is not only a design that is prosperous on the stage and popular, it is also a life attitude that reflects female charm and confidence.

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