Video of couple trial sexy underwear

Video of couple trial sexy underwear


Trying and trying sexy underwear between couples is a way to stimulate passion and increase fun.In this article, we shared a video of a couple with sexy underwear.

Video content

The plot of this video is simple: a couple puts different styles of sexy underwear for each other in the room, and then asked each other’s feelings.The video shows the sexy, gender uncertainty, lingering, flirting, and amazing situations and scenes, including various fabrics and design styles of sexy underwear.

Sexy and amazing

The sexy underwear in this video is designed to be sexy.One of the tight corsets with different colors of lace lace make women feel more sexy and confident.The video also shows the tight lace dress wearing stripes and grid design, as well as men wearing striped underwear to make him look more sporty and sexy.

Gender uncertainty and lingering

The sexy underwear in this video also includes gender uncertainty and lingering styles.One of the purple lace pantyhose can be suitable for any gender, and its design is reminiscent of the purple bow.Another pink lace lingering pajamas increase the closer atmosphere in bed.

Flirting and scenarios

Interest underwear not only increases sexual fun, but also creates flirting and scenes.One of the black silk texture dolls caused people’s interest through imitation of professional uniforms, creating a role -playing situation for couples.Similarly, the set of artificial leather design also adds a stroke to flirting and scenarios.

Brand selection

There are many brands on the sex underwear market to choose from.Couples should choose a highly praised brand, or look at the experience of others, join the brand that suits them, and choose the style that suits them.

Size and suitable type

It is important to choose a size suitable for you when buying sexy underwear.Couples should choose the appropriate size and type according to their figure and preferences.It should be noted that some sexy underwear is tightly designed. If the size of the size is improper, it will make people feel uncomfortable.

Best time and place

You must choose a suitable time and place for trying through sexy underwear.It is best to turn off the doors and windows at home to ensure privacy; it is best to choose an opportunity to relax each other and avoid affecting the effect due to the disturbance of others.


Pay attention to the following matters when trying through sex underwear:

Avoid using nails and other sharpware to contact sexy underwear to avoid damage.

Choose a suitable time and way to try sexy underwear.

Pay attention to cleaning and hygiene.If you need to clean it, it is best to read the washing instructions carefully.

in conclusion

Try sex lingerie can inspire the passion and fun between couples.Choose the style and brand that suits you, pay attention to time and place for trying on, and maintain hygiene and cleaning in any case.We encourage all couples to try this novel way of passion to promote love and development.

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