Video of sexy underwear tied to the mouth

What is a sexy underwear tied to the mouth?

The sexy underwear that is tied to the mouth is a special sexual product, usually consisting of a headhole with a mouthball and a corresponding restraint equipment.This underwear is widely used in emotional and sexy stimuli, constraints, and tuning. It is a very visual and sexy toy.

Types of sexy underwear tied to the mouth

There are many different forms and styles tied to the mouth of the mouth.The common types include: headhots with spherical mouth plugs, hoods with a lip shape, thick silicone material, thick -binding equipment in the gloves, horn -shaped earplugs with oral ballballs, and so on.


The sexy underwear tied to the mouth is commonly used between lovers.It is usually used in SM, police and prisoners, animals, or more exciting imagination stimuli.It is a kind of people who are very suitable for sex toy or who want to try different experiences.

How to use and precautions

Pay attention to the following points with sexy underwear tied to the mouth:

Make sure the appropriate size: different underwear and equipment are different in size and material.Before use, you need to ensure that the product you buy is suitable for your own size.

Hygiene issues: The cleaning and disinfection of underwear and equipment are necessary.

Safety problem: Do not bind themselves or cause excessive stimulation when using sexy underwear tied to the mouth.

The advantages and disadvantages of sexy underwear tied to the mouth

The advantage of the sexy underwear that is tied to the mouth is that it can stimulate sexual desire and stimulus, and can provide a certain degree of physical constraints and dominance.The disadvantage is that some people may feel dry and discomfort, and even hate the idea.

Suggestions and recommended brands of sexy underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear that is tied to the mouth, pay attention to the credibility, quality and cost -effectiveness of the brand.Recommend a few brands, such as Bandage, Stoy, Electric, Je Joue, etc.You can also consult professionals through purchase to understand the quality of the brand and product quality.

How to overcome shyness and anxiety?

Some people may have a psychological rejection of the sexy underwear tied to the mouth for shy or other reasons.We should respect everyone’s personal feelings, but if we want to try a new experience, we can start with communication and running -in.For the opposite sex partner, see if they are willing to try. If both parties have interest and high trust, they can also try a small restraint or tuning game.

Tie your mouth?Are there any moral issues?

Combining moral and ethical considerations, the sexy underwear tied to the mouth is a sensitive topic, challenging people’s values and beliefs.But everyone has the right to freely decide whether to voluntarily accept the product and pay attention to safety when choosing.The reasonable and reasonable use is allowed.

my point of view

The sexy underwear tied to the mouth is a special sex toy, which can bring new stimuli and experience to the relationship between lovers.However, before use, it is necessary to ensure problems such as size, cleaning, and safety, and avoid discomfort caused by excessive stimulation.At the same time, when trying a new experience, the two sides need to respect and trust each other, and attach importance to the method of response to moral ethics and personal values.Legal, affectionate, and reasonable use is allowed.

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