Wang Qiaoli Fun Lingerie Picture Picture Daquan

Wang Qiaoli Fun Lingerie Picture Picture Daquan

1. bra style

One of the most common styles in sexy underwear is bra.From ordinary bras to suspenders, triangle and cup types, there are many bras.Among them, the cup -style sex bra is designed for sex, and they show their chests in a way of interest, prominent, non -symmetry, and usually very perspective.

Lace style

Lace erotic underwear is one of the most classic sexy lingerie styles and a symbol of charming and sexy.Lace materials are strong when used on underwear, and various patterns can be designed.Lace erotic underwear is usually translucent, showing the curve of the body, making women look more attractive.

Third, suspender style

The sling style is usually used in sexy pajamas and sexy underwear. The width and length of the shoulder strap can be adjusted to make it more suitable for the curve of women’s bodies.The strap style is very suitable for women who pay attention to comfort, and this underwear is also very degenerated in matching.

Fourth, conjoined style

Even the body sex underwear, also known as a dress -style sexy underwear, is a type of waveform -shaped style, connecting up and down.There are multiple unique and charming designs of conjoined sexy underwear, making it more attractive.Even physical and sexy underwear is very popular in the entire sexy clothing market.

Five, sock style

Socks are not only eye -catching shoes and camisole accessories, but also an independent sexy underwear.The socks of sexy underwear use various colors and materials, including hollow, lace and stockings.These designs can provide women with unique charm, making women feel charming and confident.

6. Sexy pajamas style

Sexy pajamas and sexy underwear are not always the same, but in most cases, they are similar.Pajamas style is more concerned about comfort and sleep quality, but it can also attract people.The style of pajamas usually involves materials such as lace, silk, lace.

Seven, bellyband style

The bellyband of the sexy lingerie was originally a woman in Thailand and southern China or a type of underwear used in tropical countries. The translated is a small belly cover.It is stitched by a small cloth and two big triangles.The bellyband underwear is usually a heat dissipation net, focusing on breathable and cleaning.

Eight, childlike style

Children’s fun underwear is a special style. It is mainly based on children’s interest themes, such as dolls, bear, and other fairy tale characters, such as Cinderella.

Nine, customized styles

In some special cases, custom -made sex underwear is completely feasible. This situation is usually to meet the special needs of certain women, such as special requirements for materials or color matching.Making custom -made underwear requires professional knowledge, but it can provide a special women’s interest experience according to the needs and requirements of customers.

Ten, new style

The new styles usually appear in the most popular style and design, and have received more and more attention.Interest underwear is no exception.New sex lingerie usually uses new technologies and new materials to provide a new experience.New meaning generally not only appears in design and shape, but also may be displayed in the entire wearing experience, such as strange color schemes or some unique stimulating sensor.

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