Wash the sexy lingerie of the buying do not wash

As a sexy and interesting clothing, sexy underwear is loved by women.However, many women buy sexy underwear but do not know how to clean it correctly.Below, I will explain to you how to wash the sexy lingerie in detail about the problem of washing the sexy lingerie you bought.

1. Check the washing label of sexy underwear

Before cleaning the erotic underwear, you must first check the washing label to determine what cleaning agent and cleaning method can be used.Generally, sexy underwear needs to be washed with cold water, instead of using hot water and washing machines.

2. Wash the sexy underwear with soapy water

When cleaning sex underwear, you can use soft soapy water.However, be careful not to use too much soap or detergent to avoid being rested on underwear.

3. Do not use bleach

Interest underwear is usually more expensive, so be careful not to use bleach to clean it.Otherwise, bleach may change the color or deformation of sexy underwear.

4. Avoid using a dryer

In addition to hand washing, you can also gently squeeze the excess water with a soft towel, and then dry the underwear in the ventilation.Avoid using a dryer because it will have a bad impact on the elasticity and material of sexy underwear.

5. Use professional sexy lingerie washing solution

If you want to wash your sexy underwear more thoroughly, you can consider using professional sexy underwear washing solution.These washing fluids are usually more milder than ordinary soapy water, and are more friendly for underwear materials.

6. Avoid wearing sexy underwear during a bath

Interest underwear is usually designed for specific occasions, such as Valentine’s Day or Equality.Therefore, wearing these underwear should be avoided during shower or bathing, so as not to leave the detergent on the underwear.

7. Changing sexy underwear regularly

No matter how thorough washing is, sexy underwear will gradually wear due to excessive use.Therefore, it is necessary to replace sex underwear regularly to maintain its comfort and novelty.

8. Follow the principle when storing sexy underwear

Sexy underwear needs to follow some principles when storing.First, fold the underwear in a dry place to avoid the breeding of mold.Secondly, the underwear should be stored separately from other clothing to avoid wear and pollution.

9. Avoid using soft agents

Avoid using soft agents to clean sexy underwear, because the soft agent may have a bad impact on the material of the underwear, especially to reduce its breathability.

10. Sex underwear should be replaced every day

Sexy underwear is a very private clothing. Therefore, it is recommended to replace it every day to maintain hygiene.At the same time, you can also rotate wearing a multi -set of sexy underwear, which can not only maintain different feelings, but also effectively extend the service life of underwear.

In general, sexy underwear is a very special clothing that needs to be carefully cleaned and stored.I hope these suggestions provided in this article can help you better protect your sexy underwear and increase your service life.At the same time, I hope you can get more knowledge about sex and scientific use of sexy underwear from it.

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