Wear sex jacket at work

Many women do not forget to maintain sexy while they love beauty, and sexy underwear has become one of the best ways to show sexy.Indeed, women who wear sexy underwear are glowing and confident.However, many women also have such confusion: Should I wear sexy underwear at work?Let’s take a look at this problem.

1. Whether sexy underwear and workplace match?

Many women feel that wearing sexy underwear in the workplace is not suitable, but in fact, choosing sexy underwear styles in fact can enhance the glory of women in the workplace.Whether it is a professional suit or a formal shirt match, as long as you can choose the color and color of the color and color and not too public, you can make women more confident in the workplace.

Second, choose the right sex underwear material

On the one hand, it is also important to choose sexy underwear materials.During work, fabrics with good breathability, high comfort, flat material, and easy to clean when working at work are elected.

Third, sexy lingerie styles are diverse

Interest underwear does not refer to the kind of enchanting outfit that cannot be hidden, and not all sexy underwear is revealed.Advanced dating, meeting, wearing capable suits on it, and wearing unique sexy underwear below, it is also a delicate beauty.If the workplace requirements are harsh, you can choose some simple and fresh styles, rather than too traditional skin tone or black and white color sexy underwear.

Fourth, the sexy underwear suitable for you

When women choose sexy underwear, they must take their bodies and personality as the starting point.Don’t pursue the form blindly, don’t wear uncomfortable clothing to force yourself.This is extremely unfavorable to your physical health and mental state.

Five, with sexy underwear types

The specific matching method should be selected according to personal circumstances. Some people are suitable for choosing dark shirts with black lace sexy underwear, and some are suitable for wearing some high -necked clothes to cover themselves.At the same time, pay attention to matching the color, away from too bright, too dazzling colors.

6. Rehabilitation of sexy jelly

Interesting underwear must have a degree. Don’t let the sexy underwear away from the normal atmosphere of the workplace. Even if you wear sexy underwear to be sexy, don’t be too exposed and publicized to prevent others from affecting others’ perceptions and their own image.

Seven, sexy underwear keeps pace with the times

To this day, sexy underwear is no longer just a shameful or unspeakable privacy problem, but has become a part of fashion and one of the symbols of women’s beauty and sexy symbols.Therefore, female friends should strengthen learning and master the latest fashion trends.

8. You must have your own personality in combination

Women of different individuals show their beauty and sexy ways in the workplace.For sexy women, choosing light -colored sexy underwear (such as red and pink) may be suitable for you.At the same time, some women are not suitable for sexy, so you can choose some color -tone underwear.


There is nothing wrong with wearing a sexy underwear to work, but you must carefully choose underwear styles and materials, and follow the norms of work occasions as much as possible, so as to better show women’s confidence and beauty.

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