Wear sex underwear with jumping eggs and take buses


Wearing a sexy underwear with jumping eggs has recently become the new favorite of women.In public, how to correctly use sexy underwear and jumping eggs not only increases life interest, but also avoid embarrassment or even violations of rules.Today, we will introduce you to the correct way to wear sexy underwear with eggs and eggs when taking a bus.

Choose the right sexy underwear and jumping eggs

First of all, when selecting sexy underwear and jumping eggs, consider whether it is appropriate.The style of sexy underwear should not be too exposed, and the material cannot be too irritating to the skin.The size of the jumping egg should be moderate to reduce unnecessary embarrassment.When choosing sexy underwear and jumping eggs, be sure to buy it in a professional store.

Practice sexy underwear and jumping egg correctly

Before wearing a sexy underwear, make sure to be clean and hygienic, and adjust the size of the underwear to avoid excessive or loose underwear.When bringing jumping eggs, pay attention to putting it in the appropriate position of the underwear and adjust the vibration strength of the jumping egg.When choosing a jumping egg, it is best to choose a remote control style for easy use.

Choose the right bus seat

When taking a bus, you should choose the right seat to avoid choosing the chair to be too soft or too hard, so as not to affect the jumping egg.At the same time, choose a seat that can stand to avoid unnecessary embarrassment.

Keep a good sitting position

When taking a bus, keep a good sitting position to avoid violent shaking or raising your head, so as not to fall out of the underwear, slide to the ground or meet the passengers next to it.

Adjust the appropriate vibration intensity

When using jumping eggs, pay attention to adjust the appropriate vibration strength.Excessive intensity may affect the comfort of the surrounding passengers, and the excessive strength may make you unable to get the effect you want.In public, adjust the vibration of the jumping egg to the appropriate level to avoid affecting others.

Avoid excessive use and too obvious response

When taking a bus, you should avoid excessive use of sexy underwear and jumping eggs, so as not to attract the attention of others.Too obvious reactions can also lead to the discomfort of people around you.In public, keep low -key and respect the feelings of others.

Simple and clear matching suggestion

For women who have tried sexy underwear and eggs for the first time, it is recommended to choose a simple and clear matching equipment, such as black lace underwear+small bully jumping eggs.Avoid choosing too complicated styles to avoid accidents.

The maintenance method of sexy underwear and jumping eggs

After using emotional interesting underwear and jumping eggs in public, it is necessary to clean and disinfect in time to avoid bacterial breeding.The maintenance method of sexy underwear and jumping eggs can refer to the product manual.

Combined with the correct use of the example demonstration

When taking a bus, you can combine the correct use of video tutorials or individuals to demonstrate the correct usage method in order to better understand and master how to use sexy underwear and jumping eggs.


Using sexy underwear and jumping eggs in public places, you need to pay attention to not only your own comfort, but also respect the feelings of others.Choose proper sexy underwear and jumping eggs, and correctly wear and use it to make your life more exciting.

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