Wear sexy clothes on the street

Wear sexy clothes on the street

With the advancement of the times, sexy underwear has become the choice of more and more women, and wearing the house and becoming a fashion.Have you ever seen such a scene on the street: a woman carrying a large bag, wearing high heels, wearing a gray suit, a pair of black super boots below, but there is something wrong?That’s right, such a woman is likely to wear a sexy underwear.This underwear plays a vital role in the external perception, making her look more sexy, confident and more beautiful.

1. High -quality sexual relationship fun underwear is the key

If you want to wear sexy underwear on the street, you must choose high -quality underwear.High -quality underwear can bring better touch and dressing feelings, and at the same time, it is more durable, eliminating the trouble of changing underwear often.

2. Think about the environmental environment

It is important to consider wearing the environment when wearing sexy underwear.It may be good to wear sexy underwear on specific occasions or meetings, but in some formal or serious occasions, you need to be careful when wearing.

3. Etiquette cultivation is essential

You need to pay attention to your etiquette cultivation when wearing sexy underwear on the street.Although sexy lingerie is worn on her body, as women, they should know how to avoid exposure and excessive attention, respecting the horizons and aesthetics of others.Shame and subtle are the temperament that sexy lingerie needs to wear on the body.

4. Pursue the style of wearing both inside and outside

As a fashion element, sexy underwear is complementary to the overall dressing. If you can wear an internal and external effects, it will be more icing on the icing.Pay attention to the design and material selection of clothes to avoid conflicting with sex underwear.For example, an off -the -shoulder dress with a sexy lace underwear will be more in line with fashion beauty.

5. The dark color system is more stable

For women who try to wear sexy underwear for the first time, the dark color may be more secure.Dark underwear is often easier to match with clothes than light -colored, and it is more calm and confident, increasing the comfort and stability of the overall perception.

6. Reduce the decoration of the jewelry on the body

When wearing a sexy underwear, you should reduce the jewelry dress.Some too tedious jewelry and jewelry will attract too much attention, grab the limelight of sexy underwear.In general, less, fine, simple and exquisite more in line with the principles of matching.

7. Keep gesture beauty

The posture is also a very important part of wearing sexy underwear on the street.Even if you have enough self -confidence and beauty, you cannot ignore your posture.Talling body, elegant steps, and natural smiles are important means to show their own style.

8. Increase the improvement of sexy underwear cognition

Wearing a sexy underwear is not just a visual experience, but also a cognitive method.We need to have a wider and profound awareness to guide us to understand our sexy and aesthetics, and to stimulate self -confidence and beauty.

9. Promote health and connotation

Interest underwear is not a body package, let alone a vase -type clothing.We must pay attention to the health in the body, pay attention to cultural connotation, and make an inner posture through the design of the silhouette or color.

10. Summary

Wearing a sexy underwear is not a headache. As long as we emphasize some basic wearing principles, it is not deliberate to attract attention, maintaining confidence and nature can become a fashion representative.Emphasizing both internal and external cultivation, pursuit of health and connotation can become a truly perfect sexy lingerie style.

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