Wearing a sexy underwear is harmful

Introduction: The popularity of sexy underwear

With the opening of sexual concepts and the improvement of people’s living standards, the market demand for sex underwear is increasing.Interest underwear not only meets people’s needs for sex, but also in addition to practicality, it is also decorative and aesthetic.However, some people have recently worried about the harmful part of wearing sexy underwear. Is this true?Let’s discuss this issue next.

First: sexy underwear toxicity is high

Because many sexy underwear is made of chemical fiber materials containing more chemicals and other auxiliary materials, some sexy underwear is relatively toxic and may have a certain impact on human health after wearing.

Second: sexy underwear will damage the women’s private parts

The design of some sexy underwear is unreasonable. When making the materials hard, rough, friction, and squeezing, it is easy to scratch, scratch, or swell the labia and affect the fertility function and health.

Third: Fun underwear is easy to breed bacteria

The material of sexy underwear is mostly chemical fiber, and sexy underwear has a certain harm to the human body. Not only can it easily breed bacteria and cause physical discomfort, but it may also induce diseases such as vaginitis.

Fourth: Sexy underwear will generate static electricity

Due to the production materials, wearing sexy underwear in winter will often have static electricity, which has a certain impact on people’s health.For example, hair, clothes, and sheets will cause discomfort due to static electricity.

Fifth: Interesting underwear is impermeable

In addition, many sexy underwear is made from some non -air -permeable materials, which makes it difficult for the skin to breathe, not sweat, cause physical discomfort, and easily cause skin allergies.

Sixth: Interesting underwear affects breast health

Although some sexy underwear looks very sexy, it is harmful to women’s breast health.For example, the bra is easy to hold the breast, or under high temperature conditions, the breast sweats, but is trapped by the sexy underwear. There is no chance to breathe at all. It is easy to stimulate the skin of the breast and cause itching and skin acne.

Seventh: Interesting underwear has a serious psychological shadow

Although women’s sexual concepts have been unprecedentedly open, many people still have the psychology of depression and rejection of sex. Long -term wearing erotic underwear will cause some depression to people’s psychology.

Eighth: Interesting underwear will affect personal image

Some people always use sexy underwear with sexy underwear to wear daily wear, resulting in poor physical image in public places, which will destroy personal image and reduce professional quality.

Conclusion: There is a limited extent in the use of sexy underwear

From the above aspects, there are some potential health hazards in sexy underwear, but not all sexy underwear will cause great harm to the human body.As long as you use sexy underwear correctly, keep hygiene, clean, dry, wear pants, stockings, instead of wearing too tight underwear and socks, and do not wear too long to avoid adverse effects on the body; for those who have skin to suffer from skinPeople with diseases and allergies are better not to wear sex underwear.In short, when choosing sexy underwear, people should pay attention to safety and hygiene issues, make appropriate choices and match, and correctly use sexy underwear to avoid unnecessary harm to the body.

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