Wearing a sexy underwear is tied up and tuned for training

Step 1: Choose suitable sexy underwear

Dressing in tuning is very important. Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you can add a lot of fun to the entire process.Different erotic lingerie styles, materials and colors will bring people different experiences and feelings.For example, if you like to be tied up, you can choose a sexy underwear with rope, or choose some traditional restraint equipment suitable for binding.

Step 2: Create clear trust and agreement

It is very important to maintain transparency and clear in the process of sex.Make sure you and your partner can trust and understand each other.Before starting the training, establish a clear trust and agreement so that your partner knows which behaviors are acceptable and which are unacceptable.

Step 3: Understand the restrictions of you and your partner

In any sexual tuning process, some behaviors will make people feel uncomfortable.Make sure that you and your partner know your restrictions and try to avoid discomfort.If you feel uncomfortable or too painful, tell your partner in time to stop this behavior.

Step 4: Start slowly

Do not suddenly start excessive tuning, slowly heating up before starting, and gradually start more painful or more abnormal behaviors.This allows your body to adapt to these experiences and avoid harm.

Step 5: Try new posture and skills

Training is a process of trying new postures and skills.You and your partner can try different bindings and behaviors to find the best way for you.

Step 6: Good at expressing

It is very important to communicate with your partner during the training process.You should be good at expressing your own feelings and needs, let your partner understand your thoughts, and respond to you.

Step 7: Avoid using unsafe props

If you choose to use props to increase fun, you must ensure that they are safe.Avoid using props that cause damage or infection, such as sharp things and props that have not been disinfected.

Step 8: Attention

During the training process, you need to pay attention.Do not use too strong power to do behavior to avoid damage.Use moderate power to make behavior more comfortable and pleasant.

Step 9: Safe first

During the training process, safety must be the first.Make sure you have sufficient safety measures with your partner. If someone is supervised or encountered an emergency, you can unlock the binding at any time.

Step 10: Enjoy the process

Finally, it is important to enjoy the entire training process.Sex is not just a physical experience, but also a spiritual pleasure.Enjoy the whole process to make the whole process more meaningful and unforgettable.

in conclusion

Training is an experience in the process of sex. It requires both parties to prepare to maintain clear consciousness and communication to ensure safety and comfort.If it is carried out correctly, the training can bring a deeper experience and pleasure to you and your partner.Remember to try new things, but always pay attention to safety and comfort.

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