Wearing a sexy underwear, stealing people novels


Sexy underwear is a manifestation of modern women’s beauty. It can not only add self -confidence, but also has certain matching significance.However, inappropriate wear ways may make people feel indecent and even produce bad associations and misunderstandings.Let me tell you a little story about improper wear.

story background

A young woman surnamed Wang met a man who looked elegant and handsome during his business trip. The two chatted that the work of each other was related to sales, so they exchanged business cards.


The next night, the two met in the hotel lobby. The man praised Ms. Wang: a small black suit, a white shirt, and a high heels and simple light makeup, showing her workplace temperament and elegance.But under the wear, Ms. Wang wore a sexy sexy underwear because she felt that it was to maintain confidence, but also a spiritual relaxation.

Drilling the drug network

During the chat, Ms. Wang gradually found that the man was a little abnormal, and always had a quiet sorrow in his words, but this did not frustrate Ms. Wang’s curiosity.When he was talking, the man told Ms. Wang a hot sales incident that he made huge profits by selling these high -end luxury goods.He also shared a story about his failure with Ms. Wang.However, only some black folders in his laptop, and the "tips" he revealed to Ms. Wang let her discover the man with drugs with drugs.

a step far

The curiosity of a woman finally defeated the determination of another man’s struggle, and Ms. Wang decided to continue to associate with this man.She started her sexy underwear and positioned it as a quiet self -confession: she was interested in him and had no right to judge him.

See through the red dust

In the past few months, Ms. Wang has received more and more information, enough to let her send the man to prison.But when proved that he was a drug dealer’s voice always affected her decision at any time, Ms. Wang broke out of her trouble.She found that she had become too strong with the dependence of this man, which made her have to face the life and death of this person, because continuing to delete herself into this small world.

Return to reality

After all, Ms. Wang did not give up her career, nor did she lose her family because of this man.She separated these contradictory moods with a cracked life.

Thinking and reflection

This story is a small story, but it triggers many people’s thinking.Women wearing sexy underwear are related to the imagination of another person. Of course, imagination is often inaccurate.We should be centered on ourselves and need to consider wearing supplies in the cabinet for our status and individuals.Wearing and life are an art. We need to treat from a calm and rational perspective, and finally grasp the details of life.Of course, in this process, we also need to pay attention to our safety and health.

in conclusion

Interest underwear is designed with comfort and confidence for our body, which allows us to have a pleasure in our body and mind.However, we should match on the premise of obeying the principles of basic morality, and pay special attention to our safety and health.

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