What are the activities of sexy underwear map


As a special sexual product, sexy underwear is different from traditional underwear, and pays more attention to the creation of visual effects and sexy atmosphere.For the choice of sex underwear, consumers generally give priority to factors such as styles, materials and comfort.In addition to these aspects, sexy underwear will also launch a lot of rich promotional activities and gifts to help consumers better experience this special underwear.


Fun underwear merchants will regularly launch discount activities, such as the Spring Festival, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and other secular festivals.On these nodes, merchants will launch some special sets, custom styles, or wholesale special activities to attract more consumers.If you already like a sexy underwear, these discount activities are a good opportunity to buy this style.

Full reduction discount

In order to encourage consumers to buy more, some merchants will set up a full ladder on the price.For example, if you lose more than 100 yuan, 20 yuan and other activities.Such activities are particularly common for sexy underwear, because the price of different sexy underwear is large, and the use of full reduction can better attract consumers for batch purchases.

Gift promotion

In order to attract more consumers, some sexy underwear merchants will launch gift promotion activities.For example, buy a specified underwear to get a certain sexual supplies for free, role -playing clothing with underwear, and so on.These gifts usually exist in the form of small gifts, but can effectively increase consumer purchase conversion rates.

Limited time buying

The limited -time buying activity is a new type of promotional method that appeared in the sexy underwear market in recent years.This method is usually carried out at the popular styles, new products, or special promotions dates, and uses limited time discounts or limited purchase.For consumers who strongly buy desires, this promotion method often stimulates their desire to buy.

First purchase discount

In order to attract more new consumers, sexy underwear merchants will provide special discounts when they first place an order, such as 10 yuan coupons, free postage, and so on.This discount is also a marketing method for stores. By attracting new consumers to enter the store, it promotes its subsequent consumption.

Exclusive limitation

In order to create their own brand image, some special styles and brand sexy underwear will use exclusive promotional methods.For example, limited styles, limited color, limited sale, etc. These methods can effectively increase the psychological value and satisfaction of consumers to buy the brand underwear, which is more in line with specific consumer groups’ pursuit of personalized.

Package discount

Some sexy underwear merchants will launch special package preferential activities in order to increase consumer batch purchases.For example, a set of five pieces, a set of seven pieces, and a certain package purchase can be added to other sexual supplies or underwear.This promotion method can better meet consumers’ cost -effective demand and increase sales and profits in the store.

Integral activity

In order to increase consumers’ loyalty and purchase rate again, sexy underwear merchants will use points activity to promote.For example, in the membership system opened by the merchant, consumers can get points awards for each purchase amount. These points can be used to deduct cash during subsequent shopping, give away underwear or exchange other sexual daily necessities.


When buying sexy underwear, in addition to paying attention to the quality and comfort of the underwear itself, we must also consider the promotional activities and gifts of merchants.Choosing the right promotional method and purchase time can not only enjoy more affordable prices and discounts, but also get some cost -effective sexual daily necessities and fun equipment.

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