What are the erotic underwear in 1 meter and slightly fat

What are the erotic underwear in 1 meter and slightly fat

1. Understand your body shape

Before choosing the right sexy underwear, you need to understand your body shape.Women with a height of 1.6 meter are usually wide hips, short and thick legs and short torso.Therefore, it is important to choose suitable sexy underwear.

2. Choose suitable cups and sizes

Choosing suitable cups and sizes is an important step in choosing sexy underwear.If you wear too tight or too much erotic underwear, your body will look bloated.Funny underwear suitable for fit can better show your body advantages.

3. Select V -type or U -shaped sexy underwear

V -type or U -shaped sexy underwear can better show your neck lines and chest curves, and it will also add points to your figure.Especially for the sexy underwear of the V -type design, you can stretch your neck lines well and make you look taller.

4. Choose a good sexy underwear with good chest support

Fer -supported sexy underwear can better shape your chest shape and make your body look more well -proportioned.If your chest sags or erect enough, choosing a sexy underwear with appropriate support will make your chest look better.

5. Choose a relaxed and comfortable material

Choosing a relaxed and comfortable material is also an important consideration for choosing sexy underwear.If you choose uncomfortable materials, you may make your body look more bloated.Therefore, you must choose the right fabric and texture to make you feel comfortable.

6. Select color and pattern

Choosing color and patterns is also an important factor in choosing sexy underwear.Light -colored erotic underwear may make your body look more bloated, and the dark -colored erotic underwear makes you look thinner.Choosing a sex or pattern sexy underwear can also make your figure look more beautiful.

7. Choose high waist sex pants

High -waist sex underwear can better modify your waistline and lower abdomen.If your abdomen is slightly raised, choosing high -waisted sex underwear can play a good role in modifying.

8. Selection of accessories

In addition to choosing the right sexy underwear, you also need to pay attention to the choice of accessories.In the case of 1.6 meters tall, choosing the right shoulder straps, socks and other accessories can make your lines look more beautiful.

9. With suitable creative clothing

After choosing a sexy underwear, you can also try to match some creative clothing.For example, you can choose a pair of sports pants, thick -soled shoes or a loose jacket.These clothing can show your body advantage very well.

10. The most important thing is self -confidence and attitude

Finally, no matter what kind of sexy underwear and clothing you choose, the most important thing is self -confidence and attitude.Believe in your body advantage and show yourself with the best attitude.

in conclusion:

Choosing the right sexy underwear can add infinite charm to your figure, especially in the case of 1.6 meters tall.Remember to choose the right cups and sizes, good breast support, good and comfortable material, easy and comfortable material, color and pattern, high -waisted sex panties, accessories and creative clothing, and the most important self -confidence and attitude.Sex underwear and matching, show your beautiful figure.

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